Ghostwatching with Katy Schutte with the Bristol Improv Theatre


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Ghostwatching with Katy Schutte with the Bristol Improv Theatre


In 1992, the BBC broadcast live documentary 'Ghostwatch' from a haunted house in London. Well-known presenters manned the studio, a roving reporter interviewed the afflicted family and watchers phoned in. Then something awful happened…

Back in the time of four channels, when TV was a scheduled sit-down family event, before binging, before doom-scrolling and before fake news, we believed it all. We fell for the greatest TV prank of the century.

Inspired by her childhood memories of Ghostwatch, Katy brings you her totally original haunting experience that is fun and horrifying in equal measure. Ghostwatching is a hybrid role play/immersive improv game online where everyone plays their part. Katy has you play doomed presenters, squabbling family members, opinionated callers and frazzled producers.

Together, you'll create your own night of unexpected and horrific hauntings. For fans of Ghostwatch, the paranormal, RPGs or anything spooky… join Katy for a night you will never forget, no matter how hard you try.

From £20
This event will take place online, via the platform Zoom. Sales close midnight Thursday 15 April so secret missions and characters can be emailed to attendees.

The immersive experience runs from 7-9pm GMT with a half hour social hang-out from 9pm where you can meet your host and co-stars for real.

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Date: (28 May 2021)
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