Global Carnival: a cultural evolution with St Pauls Carnival


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Global Carnival: a cultural evolution with St Pauls Carnival


The team behind one of Bristol's most loved public events, St Pauls Carnival, is bringing together organisers and performers from London's Notting Hill, and the Caribbean islands of St Lucia and Trinidad and Tobago Carnivals for a panel discussion.

The online event 'Global Carnival: a cultural evolution' will include a panel discussion on the evolution of Carnival as well as feature exclusive performances from representatives of the different carnivals. This one-off occasion will be streamed at 5.00 pm on 3 July - the day that St Pauls Carnival is traditionally held in Bristol, the first Saturday in July.

The Caribbean Carnival's origins are part of the legacy story of African enslavement and the Transatlantic Slave Trade. Borne out of oppression, Carnival became a source of resistance and rebellion which is still alive and well in the modern-day carnival. Some of the topics the panel will explore include:

• What does Carnival mean to you?
• How do you prepare for Carnival (both personally and professionally)?
• What stands out most when you go to other Carnivals?
• How do you feel Carnival has changed over the years?
• Why is it important to create space for the younger generation?

Live performances will be broadcast after the panel discussion including Nailah Blackman and Da Fuchaman.

The African-Caribbean celebration which was first staged in 1968 takes a year to organise. Due to ongoing Covid restrictions, it could therefore not be held this year. This will be the second year that the free to attend street event, which attracts 100,000 people, has had to be cancelled.

In place, last year organisers held an online carnival celebration – a first for any UK carnival; this year the team is again leading the way with this four-way online get together of iconic carnival teams.

St Pauls Carnival is supported by the Arts Council and Bristol City Council and it costs over half a million pounds to stage the event. Famed for its delectable combination of carnival music genres including Reggae, Soca and Calypso, sound systems alongside live performances, arts and crafts, and of course a wide range of Caribbean cuisines and world foods.


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