Bristol Bus Boycott

Bristol Bus Boycott Commemoration 2014 - CREDIT Bhagesh Sachania

Bristol 650

Why 650?

  1. Themes of the Year
    Across the programme of events, blogs and activity, you’ll see two main themes: We Are Bristol and Where do we come from?
  2. A Year of Anniversaries
    As if Bristol 650 wasn’t enough, the year also includes a number of other anniversaries which are important to the city. Bring on the cake.
  3. Bristol's History Timeline
    Discover some of the moments in Bristol’s history as we celebrate Bristol 650.
  4. Get Involved
    Tell us about your Bristol 650 event or find out how you might like to get involved in the year of celebrations.

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  1. Stories
    Hear the stories of the people, organisations, buildings and streets that make up our fantastic city.
  2. Plan Your Visit
    In this section you’ll find all the important information that you might need when visiting Bristol.
  3. FAQs
    We’ve tried to gather some of the most commonly asked questions about Bristol 650, your visit to Bristol, the celebrations and more.
  4. What's On
    Find out about events and activities taking place across the city this month.