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    Please submit your event to the Bristol 650 website here.
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    Come and be a part of the Bristol 650 story. Bristol 650 offers a whole range of volunteering opportunities with different organisations in all parts of the city across the whole year and in ways that suit you.
  3. Share an Idea
    Share your ideas with us! We’re here to listen and help you to play your part in the special year of activity.
  4. What's On
    Find out about events and activities taking place across the city this month.
  5. About Bristol 650
    Find out more about what Bristol 650 is and what we are celebrating this year.

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    We are keen to hear from you and how you might like to get involved in Bristol 650 or if you are looking for more information.
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    We’ve tried to gather some of the most commonly asked questions about Bristol 650, your visit to Bristol, the celebrations and more.
  4. Stories
    Hear the stories of the people, organisations, buildings and streets that make up our fantastic city.