Whether you’re a seasoned craft beer aficionado or a complete and utter novice in the ale department, go along to Bristol Craft Beer Festival this weekend (15-17 Sept) and enjoy the delights of a refreshing cold one.

We’ve got the low down on some of the finest ales that’ll be on offer…

Bristol Craft Beer Festival

Image - Bristol Craft Beer Festival

Left Handed Giant

The St Phillips-based brewers have been creating some wonderful brews since 2015. Across the weekend they’ll be pouring their Cheeseburger Cavalry IPA and their rather decadent Black Angus Milk Stout, which comes in at a rather whopping 9.1%. Friday night visitors will be treated to their Duet Pale Ale, as well as their Flanders Red Sour Ale.

Lost and Grounded

Another prestigious Bristol brewery, Lost and Grounded, also formed in 2015. These guys take inspiration from great German and Belgian brewers, to create some sensational beverages. Expect a mix of red rye ales, sour and farmhouse ales as well as their famed Keller Pils – a simple German Pilsner malt combined with three traditional hop varieties that produces a delicious, clean, unfiltered beverage.

Bristol Craft Beer festival

Image - Bristol Craft Beer Festival

Verdant Brewing Co.

Small batch specialists Verdant are based out of Falmouth and have been building a reputation for their juicy, hoppy and unfiltered hazy beers. They first started brewing in a shipping container just three years ago and have come a long way in a short period of time. Now their beers can be found across the country, but this weekend they’ll be offering up some choice selections; in particular their super fruity IPA, Even Sharks Need Water.

Bristol Craft Beer Festival

Image - Bristol Craft Beer Festival


One of the world’s great craft beer breweries, Beerbliotek has been brewing up batches in the heart of Gothenburgh for five years now and according to them, in that time they’ve never repeated a recipe, not once! No flavour is off the menu, and they recently started stocking the bar shelves with a beer featuring coconut milk. This weekend ticket holders will get to try their Not Guilty –The juice IPA, a light beer with citrus flavours which they recommend supping alongside red meat dishes. Then there’s their Passion for Gingers sour beer, the lovechild of passionfruit and ginger.


Image - Beerbliotek


Making the short trip down the M5 to the 2017 Bristol Craft Beer Festival will be Gloucestershire’s Deya Brewing Co. Known for their bold flavours where the hops are the headline rather than hidden, they’ll bring their own West Country identity to proceedings. Deya’s Steady Rolling Man IPA is a soft, delicate beer that at 5.2% packs a punch and was born out of sessions brewing to the sound of American blues tunes. You can sample it on Friday night and then maybe try their juicy Into the Haze, made with tropical fruit hops and weighing it at a serious 6.2%.

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Bristol Craft Beer Festival

Bringing together the best of Bristol’s breweries with the most creative from the rest of the UK and around the world, Bristol Craft Beer Festival will return for a second year from 15 to 17 September for a true independent beer celebration.