All About Bristol

  1. Interesting Facts About Bristol
    So you think you know all there is to know about Bristol? Have a look at some of these interesting facts and see how many you knew.
  2. History of Bristol
    The rich and eventful history of Bristol as a port stretches back over many centuries. It has a strong maritime past and many attractions to document its history.
  3. Famous People of Bristol
    We all know Banksy was born in Bristol but do you know other famous people that have lived or still live in Bristol? Here's a list through the ages.
  4. Film & TV in Bristol
    Are you ready for your close up? Not only is Bristol a recognised featured location in its own right, but it’s also a hot bed of production for many TV programmes and films.
  5. Bristol & The USA
    Rich in heritage and surrounded by breathtaking coast and countryside in South West England, Bristol is ideally located for US visitors touring England and Wales.
  6. Bristol Pay
    Bristol Pound is changing. The UK’s largest local currency is in the process of developing a new scheme that will be called Bristol Pay.
  7. Made in Bristol
    Did you know that Ribena and the Plimsoll Line were invented in Bristol? That's not all - Bristol has a global reputation for innovation and there are many science and technology industries based here.
  8. Literary Bristol
    Did you know that Thomas Chatterton was born in Bristol? Come and explore the many places that have inspired writers over the years, from Wordsworth, Jane Austen to JK Rowling.

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