All About Bristol

Want to know what makes Bristol so special? It's more than just boats, bridges and balloons, you know (although they're great, too).

We've compiled all the most interesting, the most unexpected, the most useful and the most 'well-I-never-would-have-guessed-that!' facts about Bristol, to offer just a taste of what makes the city such an exciting and inspiring place to visit.

Find out about Bristol's fascinating history and heritage, about why Bristol is such a green city, and about all the things that make Bristol famous. Or, discover what has been made in Bristol, the fascinating connections between Bristol and The USA and why Bristol is a UNESCO City of Film in our Film and TV section.

Have a browse through this section and don't forget to check out our audio tours of Bristol to get further insights into the city. But to really get a flavour of Bristol, we're afraid you're just going to have to come and visit! Everyone is welcome here.


Did you know?

See another side to Bristol, from transatlantic connections to ghoulish tales.

Stories of the city

Bristol has many different sides and a long, interesting history to discover. Read our guides to find out more about the people and places that make this city so special.

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Tours & Sightseeing

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Bristol is a city full of unique experiences. Discover the perfect one for you!  

Spooky Bristol

Experience Bristol's darker side with a #SpookyBristol trip, there are exciting, fun and ghoulish goings on across Bristol, meaning it is far from being a Ghost Town. Come and visit if you dare....