Bristol Street Art

Scour the streets of Bristol and you’ll struggle not to find a cutting-edge piece of graffiti art decorating the city’s walls. Along narrow alleys, down side-streets and through under-passages, across building walls and boldly displayed on bridges, a piece of graffiti art soon jumps out depicting wry humour and subversive displays of pop-culture.

Bristol is also where Banksy hails from; the elusive graffiti artist extraordinaire has an enormous collection of artistic works featured on streets, walls and bridges all over the world, and has inspired a new generation to take to the streets to create innovative and dynamic art.

For the largest and most diverse selection, make a trip to Stokes Croft or join a street art walking tour with Where the Wall, or the Ultimate Bristol Walking Tour for an insider’s guide. Alternatively you can download the Banksy Bristol Trail app which will guide you around the remaining Banksy artworks in Bristol.

Want to have a go at making your own Banksy-style artwork? Join a workshop with Graft, who run regular stencil spray art workshops.

For a taste of the new talent on the scene, be sure to check out the streets of Southville and Bedminster, where Bristol’s street art festival Upfest and a thriving creative community ensures there's plenty of street art to see all year round. Take an Upfest stories and street art walk with Yuup to hear how a selection of them were created.

There’s also a burgeoning street art scene in Weston-super-Mare, just a half hour train journey from Bristol, where the Weston Wallz urban art festival creates an ever-changing line-up of murals across the seaside town.

Other areas where you'll find some top street art in the city are:

  • Stokes Croft
  • Nelson Street in the Old City
  • Cumberland Basin
  • Montpelier

You can use our Bristol street art map to guide you around the city.


Streets alive with colour

Scour the streets of Bristol for graffiti, street art and colourful murals.


Banksy is now a world-famous street-artist but once, he was just another kid on the streets of Bristol with a can of spray paint in his hands. As a result, some of his earliest work is hidden around the city, and spotting it is an absolute must for fans of his work.

Top Street Art Picks...

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