Hot Air Ballooning in Bristol

Fly up, up and away in your beautiful hot air balloon in Bristol and indulge in one of city’s most famous and magical experiences. As Winnie the Pooh is quoted as saying, “Nobody can be uncheered with a balloon.” We couldn’t agree more, and the best place to see them is here.

Bristol is a hub of hot-air ballooning with the skies filled with beautiful colours during the ‘season’, which usually runs from around Easter until October – and especially so over four days in early August for the Bristol International Balloon Fiesta.

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Bristol's ballooning companies; Elite Air (UK) Ltd, Fly Away Ballooning, Virgin Balloons and Wonder Days all run flights throughout the season. Choose from dawn flights or sunset flights to watch the sun rise or set in glorious colours. See listings below for more details.

What is it like to experience a hot air balloon flight?

Whether you choose a romantic ride for two, jump into a 16-person basket or book to fly in one of Europe’s biggest ballooning events, you’ll be able to get the best views of Bristol and the surrounding countryside as you drift noiselessly and gently above the city. The prevailing south-westerly wind usually takes balloons, that take off from Ashton Court Estate, over the Harbourside area and across the city centre.

Gaze at panoramic views in an experience that will never leave you and you’ll be dreaming of in years to come. Spot city landmarks such as the Clifton Suspension Bridge, Brunel’s SS Great Britain, and Queen Square from the basket – don’t forget to take plenty of photos and tag Visit Bristol on social media!

Part of the ballooning experience is helping the crew with unpacking and inflation before being invited into the basket for your flight, which usually lasts around an hour. Upon landing, which is usually very gentle and calm, you may be asked to help with packing away, rolling the envelope into a big sausage shape and packed into a bag – it makes the obligatory glass of Champagne taste even sweeter! The pilot will be in touch with ground crew throughout the flight who will follow and be there to pack away after landing and transport you back to the original meeting point.

What are the best conditions for a hot air balloon flight?

Light winds, good visibility, dry weather and firm ground are all crucial to ensure a safe and enjoyable hot air balloon experience. Hot air ballooning is entirely dependent on the right weather conditions, both before and during your scheduled flight. Flights can be cancelled at short notice, but this is always done with passenger safety as the top priority. If your flight is cancelled, you should be invited to rebook at a later date.

The optimum wind speed is under 10mph at ground level – too much wind is dangerous and too little may mean you may not actually travel anywhere! Rain can cool down the hot air and make the balloon more difficult to control. Good visibility is also crucial. Another consideration is how wet it has been in the area lately, as ground crews need to access the field where you land with heavy vehicles without getting stuck.

Up, up & away

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