Classes & Workshops in Bristol

Learn from experts and try your hand at new skills with these classes and workshops in Bristol.

Want to master some new cooking techniques? Bristol has a brilliant range of cookery schools where you can learn anything from Nigerian Jollof to Sri Lankan Lump Rice.

The city also has plenty of masterclasses for those of you who want to try your hand at mixing cocktails or making the perfect G&T, with the opportunity for you to learn plenty of alcohol-related trivia along the way.

If you’re feeling crafty, we’ve got options ranging from floristry to bunting-making – perfect for a day out with friends or team building. Or make the most of a glamourous getaway and opt for a vintage makeover followed by an indulgent afternoon tea.

Alternatively, if street art is the thing that’s brought you to Bristol, you can channel your inner Banksy by spraying your own street art or learning about graffiti in an informative workshop.

Whatever your tastes, you’ll come away brimming with new knowledge from these experiences...

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