This week's #FoodFriday comes from Elaine Robinson, a Bristol-based artist, who tells us why she will always eat and drink ‘Bristol style.’

Elaine Robinson Food Friday

Image - Elaine Robinson

Eat a Pitta

They say on their website - ‘Handmade falafel, hummus & pitta breads precisely made using a 3rd generation family recipe!’ - Yep ...and it's an amazing taste, fresh and super filling. Love this place SO much. The staff are always patient when I sometimes have a frozen moment and can’t decide what it is I actually want in the pitta, because of all the wonderful choice. 


It’s round the corner from my studio and combines an easy paper read, a friendly cup and a great place to meet friends, colleagues and future work collaborations. The staff are welcoming, smiley and does a fab cup of coffee.

Marmalade Cafe

Lisa and Shim make a perfect team. Lisa is SO great at welcoming everyone and Shim serves the best breakfasts in all of Bristol. Doris their delightful dog enhances the welcome and makes the start to my day after a morning run just perfect! Marmalade has great fresh food all day long with prices for everyone. 


Wow - the triple cooked chips cannot be ignored. This place improves on every visit! A wonderful glass of wine, perfect tastes and portion sizes. Each mouthful to be savoured and  enjoyed. I have spent some wonderfully long evenings here with friends enjoying the perfect dining experience.

Lal Jomi

I have been visiting this restaurant for years on and off and recently started to go again with my family. The new owners are passionate and committed to providing their guests with a perfect mix of authentic Indian food and a warm satisfying evening out. The service and food is nutritious and enhancing.


What wonderful values and a world of tastes under one roof. Poco makes the experience of eating, drinking and dining just divine! 

About the author:

Bristol-based artist Elaine Robinson documents the social landscape by challenging the embedded social barriers. Public opinion creates the art and the unseen social comment. Catch up with Elaine and her recent trip to Parliament on Twitter - @elaineRartist, Instagram @elaine_robinson_artist or

Food Friday: Elaine Robinson - Bristol-based artist

Image - Thangam Debbonaire ( Bristol MP) adding her fingerprint to Elaine Robinson’s artwork SPOTtimespotTIME #fingerprintofunity in The House Of Commons ( Jan 2019)