Find out where to get great vegan food in Bristol this #FoodFriday courtesy of George Bemrose, Student Living Officer at Bristol SU. 

George Bemrose Student Living Officer at Bristol SU

Image credit: George Bemrose


Suncraft is a 100% plant-based and gluten-free restaurant on Gloucester Road. Fit with urban hydroponics, this new restaurant is a must-visit with a trendy atmosphere, great prices and even the chance to donate to WaterAid.  

Oowee Diner

Some of the best dirty burgers in Bristol can be found at this great fast food joint. Two of the three locations are vegan, with their North Street diner offering meat while Baldwin Street and the new Oowee Vebab on Picton Street are plant-based. Vegan chicken burger and garlic fries washed down with an Oreo vegan shake is my go-to for a 'treat yourself' day.

Ray’s Pizza

With options for your meat eater, cheese lover and dedicated vegan, Ray’s has plenty of pizza for everyone. I enjoy having the vegetable pizza and swapping the cheese for vegan cheese, which you can do for free. 

Beets and Roots

The fully vegetarian ‘juicery and organic eatery’ Beets N Roots is one of my favourite brunch places. Anything served here seems like a health kick, even the chocolate smoothie, Chocosmooth. My absolute number one dish from here is the ‘Chilli Bean & Lentil Burrito Bowl’, which fills the stomach with a variety of flavours and colours - you have to try it!

Café Kino

Café Kino was a place I went to regularly throughout my degree. Their seitan chicken burger is brilliant, full of flavour and a filling meal. Many hungover, tired mornings have been spent eating their delicious vegan breakfast with friends as well as days working here while eating vegan cake and drinking non-dairy milkshakes.

Koocha Mezze Bar

This fully vegan mezze restaurant serves flavourful food and is always busy. From doner kebabs with tzatziki to dirty fries, they offer great service and great indulgent food. Take your meat eating friends and they won’t know the difference!

About the author

George is the elected Student Living Officer at Bristol SU and a recent Physics graduate from the University of Bristol. When not representing students, you can find him eating huge platefuls of veggies or chowing down on some vegan fast food. Having previously lived in a small town, George loves living in Bristol and the food that comes with it!

You can contact him via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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Street Food

Suncraft is a forward thinking, health conscious plant based restaurant and takeaway serving up flavours from around the world.