Phil Haughton is the founder of Better Food, a group of award-winning stores and cafés in Bristol that specialise in organic, local and ethical food and products. His first book, Food For Thought, was published last year.

With such impressive foodie knowledge, we were eager to hear which Bristol restaurants Phil rates for #FoodFriday.

Phil Haughton, Better Food Founder


I like this place in Wapping Wharf because it turns a menu on its head, putting vegetarian food pride of place with a little meat on the side if you want it. 

Pitchfork Cafe

This café runs pop-ups in different Bristol venues and offers fantastic vegan dishes, created by the owners, one of which is my son Charlie. They raise money for causes that are often so small they don't have a legal status. It’s a great examples of people doing important work in the community, for the right reasons. A few hundred quid can make a huge difference.

Breaking Bread

This pop-up on The Downs has a great team under Josh Eggleton's power house of energy, putting together great food with a strong ethics, and of course, culinary delight. 


This cafe at the top of the Gloucester Road is a wonderful outfit. Stunning food – you just want to buy it all. 

About the author

Phil Haughton has more than 40 years’ experience of living and working with organic food. He is the Founder of the award-winning retailer, Better Food.

Better Food is an independent organic food store and café, with three sites across Bristol that stock local, organic and ethically sourced products. Established by Phil Haughton in 1992, Better Food’s ambition is to support local and rural communities through responsible and thoughtful retail.

Food for Thought is Phil’s first book. Through a colourful mix of inspiring personal stories, tempting recipes, helpful tips and insightful contributions from 12 thought leaders and change makers, Phil shares his passion for organic farming and his mission to create a world where food, nature, business and community can all thrive together in harmony.

Phil would love to see more menus locally predominantly filled with organic food options, following the lead of Better Food.

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