Pink Lady® Food Photographer of the Year – the world’s leading awards for food photography and film – is premiering its tenth anniversary exhibition at The Royal Photographic Society this weekend.

Running until 12 December, the exhibition will showcase images capturing the great sweep of stories and cultures in the world of food.

To give you a taste of what to expect, Director of the Pink Lady® Food Photographer of the Year Caroline Kenyon has picked photos from five of the exhibition categories for #FoodFriday.

Champagne Taittinger Wedding Food Photographer 

This is a wonderfully joyful image. The bride looks so beautiful and magnificent in all her finery but is tucking in with great gusto. 

Bride in South Asian wedding dress and jewellery eating chocolate bars © Subrata Dey

© Subrata Dey, Bangladesh

Food for the Family

This photo has so much love and tenderness in it – one wonders how many times this elderly couple have sat opposite each other over the years, eating together. But still, they are engaged with each other and also enjoying the communal nature of eating. 

Couple eating dinner together © Huaifeng Li

© Huaifeng Li, China 

Food Influencers

This image elevates the shot into a stunning geometric artwork with the vibrant colour of the rhubarb and the delicious-looking bubbling juices.

Rhubarb tart and honey © Lynsey Cooper

© Lynsey Cooper, United Kingdom

Food Stylist

Photos of cakes are so popular. In fact, cake images are the most popular on the internet, and this one ticks all the boxes – sumptuous, inviting, atmospheric, beautifully styled. 

Icing sugar being dusted over Chocolate Raspberry Cake © Baiba Opule

© Baiba Opule, Latvia 

Fujifilm Award for Innovation

This is a really clever, cheeky shot, where the contrast of the serene rows of eggs with the rumbustious, mischievous foot emerging from the broken shell has been captured. 

Rows of eggs with one chick leg breaking out © Joe Giacomet

© Joe Giacomet

The Pink Lady® Food Photographer of the Year exhibition is on from 20 November to 12 December and entry is free. 

Pink Lady® Food Photographer of the Year exhibition information

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