Known for their retellings of classic stories in unusual places, Insane Root Theatre is bringing Hansel and Gretel to the magical setting of Arnos Vale Cemetery woodlands next month. Co-founders Hannah Drake and Justin Palmer took time out from rehearsals to fill us in on their #FoodFriday favourites.

Hannah Drake and Justin Palmer, co-founders of Insane Root Theatre

Hannah’s picks

Souk Kitchen 

Both the Southville and Clifton branches are excellent, and always my first choice if I'm looking for a place to bring friends who don't know the city well. I've never had a bad meal there, and they have some great cocktails too! 

Tapestry Brewery 

One of the things I love about living in east Bristol is the amazing independent breweries that we have on our doorstep and the East Bristol Brewery Trail is a highlight of the year.

In particular, after a recent R&D session for Hansel and Gretel, a few of us went to Tapestry in St Phillips and had some incredibly tasty beer. Their menu is small and changes often so there's usually something new to try, though their Swingball Session IPA is my favourite. 

The Happy Donut Bakery

Not strictly Bristol based, but because they are excellent and deliver to many postcodes in the city, The Happy Donut Bakery (Bath and online) is my go-to for an indulgent treat. A box of their donuts really brightens up a tough week, and everything they make is vegan so it's really easy to cater to loads of people at once. They recently won the Bath Life Award for Best New Business, so definitely ones to watch! 

Justin’s picks

The Grace

I live about 30 seconds from this wonderful place on Gloucester Road. Not only is it one of the tastiest places to eat in Bristol, it has a really relaxed atmosphere inside and the garden is such a peaceful place, I sometimes forget I am right beside one of the busiest roads in the city. 

New Bristol Brewery

As Hannah rightly mentioned, we are completely spoiled for choice for amazing local breweries living in Bristol. New Bristol Brewery makes some of the most incredible beer I have ever tasted. Their Irish Cream Stout is like sipping paradise and they have so many amazing concoctions and flavours. Whenever I go in there I feel like a kid in a sweet shop.

The brewery is also kitted out as a bar too and the owners are always really welcoming and friendly. They usually have some really delicious food available too from local businesses such as I Scream Tacos, who funnily enough will be at Arnos Vale Cemetery on selected dates for Hansel and Gretel! 

Redland Tandoori

A classic curry house and really friendly. My partner Alex has forced me to cycle over there before, sometimes in the rain, to collect our takeaway (they don't deliver), such is the power of their food. I begrudgingly accept as long as I am permitted to have a quick pint at the excellent Chums next door whilst I wait. Chums is a micro-pub that always has a great selection of beers on tap and an atmosphere similar to being in a mate's living room. Highly recommended. 

About the author

Hannah and Justin are the co-founders of Insane Root Theatre CIO, specialising in transforming amazing spaces into performance venues. When not busy rigging lights or staging Shakespeare underground, they can be found following one of Justin's excellent pub crawls or hot desking in one of Bristol's many welcoming cafes. Their new show Hansel & Gretel in Arnos Vale Cemetery Woodlands will be on from Wednesday 1 December to Saturday 1 January. For tickets please visit the Insane Root website.

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