Now in full swing for 2022, Belly Laughs is every Bristol foodie’s favourite way to beat the January blues. Organised by stand-up comic and compere extraordinaire Mark Olver, comedy comes together with great food and drinks in indie restaurants and bars, raising funds for local charities including Fareshare and Julian Trust.  

Following on from fellow comic Dani Johns’ picks last week, here are Mark’s #FoodFriday favourites.

Bristolian comedian and founder of Belly Laughs Mark Olver

Four Wise Monkeys 

All the food in this place is excellent but it’s also the location of my single favourite dish in Bristol at the moment. The Pork Sandu. It’s stunning. The flavours are incredible, the meat is literally perfectly cooked. I could eat this every single day and never get bored. Paired with chips and katsu curry sauce. Perfection.

Pork Sando from Four Wise Monkeys

Image - Four Wise Monkeys


Marmo on Baldwin Street is amazing. I don’t really know how to describe it though. It’s posh without being expensive. It’s interesting food but also filling and hearty. It’s a bit like being in France but you’re in the centre of Bristol. Their lunch menu is such a good price for brilliantly made, brilliantly sourced and brilliantly cooked food.

Pasta Ripiena 

The location of my greatest ever achievement. I fancied some dinner so went in without booking. I was told I could have a table but only for half an hour because of another booking. Within 28 minutes I was back out the door having had a three-course meal of incredible pasta and an amazing panacotta. I love it there. Gorgeous filled pasta with flavours you wouldn’t imagine putting together.

Cloak and Dagger 

They do loads of different things here, events and art and all sorts, but their food is still the highlight. Loads of really unusual flavours and some incredible arancini, but it’s their Sunday roast I love. It’s my favourite meal of the week and I love it when someone is able to take something so conventional and add some interesting twists, with excellent ingredients, and make it feel comforting and a bit special at the same time.

Mayflower Chinese

Still the best secret in Bristol. Open incredibly late, hidden down in a corner near the Bus Station, it doesn’t look like it should be much, but the food is amazing, the atmosphere is pretty unique in Bristol. I love taking friends who have never been before, I love seeing their faces when they start eating and also start to relax into the space. I love it. 

About the author

Mark Olver is a comedian from Bristol. He does warm up for nearly every big show on TV, and has recently helped produce the BBC New Comedy Awards, danced on The Last Leg several times, and acted very badly on Stephen Merchant's The Outlaws.

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Belly Laughs
Belly Laughs

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Four Wise Monkeys

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