You can usually hear Seb Bailey presenting the drivetime show on Somer Valley FM, DJing for Ashton Gate Stadium and covering shows on BBC Radio 1 and Hits Radio. He also happens to be a big foodie and was chuffed to chat us through his #FoodFriday favourites this week, from the perfect steak to legendary wraps. 

Seb Bailey at BBC Radio 1

Steak of the Art 

It's quite simple. I like steak and I'm yet to find a better one in Bristol than what's on offer from Steak of the Art. The flavour from their seasoning and the grill that the meat is cooked on leads to a rich, smokey experience of perfectly cooked meat melting in your mouth. Additionally, the little piece of garlic bread you get with some meals – phenomenal!  

The restaurant offers a good selection of sides to help complete any taste and feels like a relaxed environment and the service has always been brilliant! Although good in the evening, I tend to find myself here at lunch on days off – it's chilled, tasty and enables you to really relax into the experience. 

Steak and sides at Steak of the Art

Image - Steak of the Art

VENGA, Portishead

I was first introduced to VENGA by a colleague who knows the owner. At the time they were looking for a new resident DJ, a slot I've now been covering for about four years now. It's always difficult not to be biased when it comes to places you regularly work at but VENGA is always top of my list for recommendations if you're able to travel out of the city a little. The food is always packed with flavour and with anything from tapas to big pan paella you could feed a small army in this place. 

It's a small place too, with everything fresh out of the kitchen so it's always good to book ahead. Perfect for a date night, the team there will welcome you and make you feel part of a family and serve you an excellent choice of beers, wines and cocktails to go with your meal! My favourite day to eat there is on a Sunday when they do an excellent twist to a traditional roast dinner. Served on sharing boards and with a tonne of food, you'll find it all too tasty to leave. 


Burra is one of the best coffee spots in town, I think. Located just off of Whiteladies Road, and also with a new location on Gloucester Road, they're still a young business but doing everything right! I find it phenomenal how well they have done as a business that originally opened in the middle of lockdown. The team there know what they're talking about when you ask them something and have persisted to grow quickly without taking away from the original experience they first offered.

If you want a chilled spot with a good team to grab a coffee or lunch I'd say this is it. Their food is always locally sourced and freshly prepared for you. I'd fully recommend the salmon rice bowl! 


I shouldn't need to say much here. Biblos is a Bristol institution that provides the best damn wraps I've ever had! 

The Jerk Yard

The Jerk Yard is something special. Whether you find them at a festival, down your local in their travelling truck or in their unit just outside of Bath, the food will always be 10/10.  

Always offering a small menu to guarantee quality, you won't have a huge choice, but you will be offered a fantastic meal full of flavour and cooked with love from Joel and the team! One huge selling point, if you have a family to feed, is the fact that all meals are very reasonably priced and additional sides won't break the bank either. If you notice them advertising the truck near you at all then make sure you get there early, they are guaranteed to sell out every time! 

Laviano's, Keynsham

My local Italian joint. Laviano's is the place I go when I want lots of choice at good value and to eat myself into a food coma.  

With a menu that offers all you could want in the world, sometimes you will struggle to decide what you'd like. As there's so much choice on offer, it's easy to assume that you won't actually see the chefs cook the food to order, but you do! The open pass lets you see exactly what's going on as they make every meal from scratch and serve it to a size that could last you two or three days. If you're hungry, I'd recommend going for their Calzone. It's easily the size of a rugby ball! 

About the author

Seb is from Keynsham and has been DJing since he was 14, appearing on the radio since the age of 18. You’ll mainly hear him on Somer Valley FM, but also BBC Radio 1 and Hits Radio on occasion. His love for music is matched by a love for food. Keep up with what he’s up to on Twitter and Instagram

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Steak of the Art
Steak of the Art

Steak of the Art is an exciting art venue and steak restaurant that has opened in Bristol’s Harbourside serving West Country sourced steaks alongside an art gallery that showcases and sells quality affordable art.