Kelly Sidgwick is the co-founder of Good Chemistry Brewing in St Philips, East Bristol, an area which has established itself as a brewery hotspot in recent years. Get to know some of the local beer makers in this corner of the city courtesy of Kelly for #FoodFriday.  

Bob and Kelly from Good Chemistry Brewing

Bristol is blessed with loads of amazing breweries, and when the sun’s out and you’ve a weekend ahead of you what could be better than a cold pint where the beer was actually brewed.

East Bristol Brewery Trail runs officially every May and August over the bank holiday weekends, but when most of the breweries are all open across the summer you can make your own any weekend!

Moor Beer

Another ‘old timer’, Moor have been going for over ten years now and can lay claim to the first permanent taproom in Bristol. They also have a site in London on the Bermondsey Beer Mile if you’re ever up that way.

Person pulling pint at Moor Beer taproom

Image - Moor Beer

Dawkins Ales

One of the longer-running breweries on the Trail, you can also check out Dawkins’ five pubs across Bristol, which stock this Easton brewery’s best cask and keg beers.

Newtown Park Brewing Co.

And to one of the newest breweries! Newtown Park’s first Brewery Trail was in May 2022, and they recently celebrated their first birthday. Women from across Bristol breweries came to their HQ in March to brew an International Women’s Day collaboration beer, which was great fun.

Left Handed Giant Brewing Co.

You might know them from Small Bar on King Street, which they run, and their amazing brewpub in Finzels Reach, across from Castle Park. Their brewery taproom is the only one in Bristol with a pool table!

Little Martha

The other newbie to the Trail this year, Little Martha describe themselves as a brewpub, meaning everything they brew is sold onsite. They’re in a railway arch just on the way to Temple Meads, where they’ve created a great space for beer fans.

Good Chemistry Brewing

And then there’s us! We’re right between Moor/Little Martha and LHG/Newtown Park, and open on Fridays and Saturdays through the summer. You’ll often find people spinning records here, and food from some of Bristol’s best food traders 

The bar at Good Chemistry Brewing taproom

Image - Good Chemistry Brewing

About the author

Kelly set up Good Chemistry Brewing with her partner Bob Cary in 2015 to create good chemistry in its broadest sense – not just in the quality of the beer they produce, but using that to celebrate community and relationships across science, the arts, music, food, and social experiences, as well as beer & brewing. In 2018 they opened award-winning Redland pub The Good Measure, and their BS2 brewery taproom is open throughout the summer. 

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Moor Beer Co
Moor Beer Co

Great beer is about flavour, drinkability and enjoyment. Moor Beer takes the German naturally hazy (naturtrüb) approach, combines it with American flavour-forward techniques as well as the British tradition of secondary refermentation to craft uniquely dynamic, sessionable beers.