Wake The Tiger, the world’s first Amazement Park®, opens this Saturday 30 July, and invites visitors to step through a portal into another world. Consisting of 27 unique environments, visitors can journey through the fictional world of Meridia, exploring its mythical forests, magical ice regions and cosmos through fully immersive art installations.

But where does its Co-Founder and managing director, Graham MacVoy, grab a bite to eat when he’s not busy curating out-of-this-world experiences? Find out this #FoodFriday...

The Elder Forest at Wake The Tiger
Image - Wake The Tiger, credit Andre Pattenden


Delivering some of the best quality pizza in Bristol, Bocabar serves a variety of mouth-watering topping options which are a team go-to after a long day getting lost in the cosmos of Meridia.

Bocabar is only a short walk from St Philips Marsh, located in Paintworks by Temple Meads train station (they're also over at Finzels Reach) – a convenient commute for a quick-fix calzone, or even a full English breakfast to kick off the day. For busier days, when there’s not enough time for indulging in a specialty pizza, Bocabar’s deli counter provides the best cakes, salads and savouries for an on-the-go snack.

Pizza at Bocabar
Image - Bocabar, credit Jess Connett

Loki Poké

Located in one of the iconic cargo containers at Wapping Wharf, Loki Poké isn't far from Wake The Tiger at St Philips Marsh. It also happens to be one of the best lunch options on offer, with its range of healthy Hawaiian poké bowls.

Perched on one of the benches outside of the Loki Poké kitchen, looking over the spectacular Lloyd’s Amphitheatre, makes for the perfect lunch break. But if there isn’t enough room in the kitchen’s popular outdoor space, a teriyaki chicken and mango bowl packed full of refreshing veggies is also best enjoyed with a view of Bristol’s iconic city skyline by the Harbourside.

The great thing about Loki Poké is its range of options. Its menu is 100% gluten and dairy free, with meat, vegetarian and vegan dishes available on request. You can even build your own poké bowl, which is always sure to satisfy both sweet and savoury cravings.


For a burst of flavour, Koocha on Cheltenham Road is a no-brainer for an after-work treat. Persian-inspired mezze paired with a selection of cocktails and mocktails with flavours of the Middle East make for the perfect dining experience. The best thing about Koocha is it’s all completely vegan, providing a range of plant-powered dishes and some very convincing meat substitutes. I’d especially recommend Koocha’s seitan “doner” kebabs, which put the environment first without compromising on taste.

Beyond its delicious mezze menu, Koocha’s dining space is industrial-chic, framed by bright and bold walls. It’s also relatively small, making for an intimate dinner venue which prioritises quality cuisine and easy conversation over the hustle and bustle of a larger chain restaurant.


Another gem along Bath Road, just by Bocabar, is Deli@Here – a go-to lunch hotspot for the Wake the Tiger team. Dropping by for one of their focaccia or sourdough rolls is always an experience to look forward to all morning.

Offering both British favourites and staying true to the family owner’s Italian roots with the continental options available at Deli@Here, including their meats and cheeses counter, this Brislington lunch spot is sure to have something to tantalise your tastebuds. The Wake the Tiger team is definitely testament to this!

Wake The Tiger Cafe

An obvious choice from me, but still an undeniable top five pick, is our very own Wake The Tiger Cafe. With a range of fully vegetarian small plates to choose from, visitors can expect to dive into dishes like crispy sauteed broccoli with chilli and ginger dressing, and teriyaki tofu bites with spring onions and Padrόn peppers. With so many flavour-infused options, taking a lunch break 15 minutes early is more than tempting – especially when you can smell it being curated by our on-site chefs, Josie and Liam!

It’s safe to say we’re confident you’re going to love not just the 27 environments of Meridia at Wake The Tiger, but also all the food and drinks options on offer at the experience.

About The Author

Graham MacVoy is the co-founder and managing director of Wake The Tiger, which has been in the works since 2021. He is also part of the Boomtown Team, having worked at the eclectic festival for over four years as Site and Operations Director. When he’s not busy enjoying his own fantastical experiences, Graham can be found dreaming up his next big adventure.

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Wake The Tiger
Adventure Park/Playground
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The world’s first Amazement Park®, Wake The Tiger introduces the world of Meridia. An alternative space where passion, creativity and dreams come to life. Enter the Dream Factory.

Bocabar Paintworks
Bocabar Paintworks pizza

Bocabar is a quirky loft style warehouse with lounge/bar and dining room. Most favoured for extensive Boca Pizza menu, locally sourced specials, cocktails, craft beers and fresh deli bar.

Bocabar Finzels Reach
Bocabar Finzels Reach. Credit:@alicia_paige_

Open seven days a week, Bocabar will offer breakfast, lunch, dinner and Sunday roasts , looking to being a busy social, drinking and dining hub.