As we begin the final countdown to Bristol Food Connections (12th-23rd June 2019), we asked marketing manager Lottie Storey for some of her favourite places to grab a bite for this week's #FoodFriday.

Cargo Cantina

For a while last summer, Cargo Cantina became a bit of a local for us. A couple of times a week we'd go there for hibiscus Margaritas and nachos in the evening, or cold beers and burritos at lunchtime. Like most of the Cargo eateries, it's small and doesn't take reservations, but is always worth a try because the food is perfection and the music they play is spot on. 

Cargo Cantina Bristol

Folk House Cafe

Nothing thrills me like a little secret entrance to a true hidden gem. Sitting in the walled garden at the Folk House Cafe feels miles not metres away from busy Park Street, but it's the food that really entices me in. Think big bowls of salad that really do make you want to eat your greens, pies and tarts, bean chillis - all my favourites!

Bowl of Plenty

Pasta Loco and Pasta Ripiena

Both of these restaurants guarantee excellent meals, if you can bag a table. Pasta Loco in Cotham Hill is the original, slightly more formal option, offering glorious fresh pasta dishes, whereas Ripiena off Baldwin Street focuses on filled pasta. Both are excellent value for money and the food is consistently great. I’d go here every week if it wasn’t always so booked up! 

Ahh Toots

I can't walk through St Nicholas Market without stopping to take a picture of the ridiculously beautiful cake cart at Ahh Toots. But they're not just pretty... These cakes are incredibly delicious and there are enough vegan options for me to feel like I have choice. Plus, they do wedding cakes - I'll be tapping them up for one later this year.

Ahh Toots Bristol

Eat a Pitta

Next door to Ahh Toots (but with a few branches across the city), Eat a Pitta is my go-to lunch option. The most delicious falafels in town, plus salads galore and a good squirt of hot sauce. My eyes are always bigger than my stomach so I force myself to opt for the small salad box, but even then I often struggle to eat it all. So good and great value, too.

Koocha Mezze Bar

I adore this place. Everything's vegan which makes life easy for me, but more importantly every dish I've tried has been tasty, sometimes unusual, always filling. Since I've discovered them on Deliveroo, my life has changed for the better! But eating in is a treat, too, as their cocktails are so good. 

Koocha Bristol

The Spotless Leopard

This van parked up near Clifton Down Shopping Centre is one of my favourites. The menu is small but all vegan, so I'm happy to go with the dish of the day. Favourites include mac and cheese topped with 'bacon' bits, and their lovely bean burgers with pickles and relish. There's always a cake or two on offer as well. My favourite? Massive slices of peanut butter sponge with layers of icing.


I couldn't write about my favourite foods without mentioning curry, but with so many great options in Bristol it's impossible to narrow it down to just one. So my top 5 curry house picks are: Thali, Chai Shai in Hotwells, Nutmeg in Clifton, The Clove in Southville, and Joy Raj in Clifton.

About the author
Lottie Storey is a freelance writer and blogger who lives with countless kids and kittens by the harbourside (although she's old enough to remember when it was the docks). She's the marketing manager for Bristol Food Connections (12-23rd June 2019) and co-hosts Body Cons, a podcast about body image.


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Cargo Cantina
Cargo Cantina bar

CARGO Cantina is inspired by the authentic Cantinas of Mexico, traditionally forbidden to women, children and men in military uniform, where hombres used to drink around the bar with snacks.

The Folk House Cafe
The Folk House Cafe

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