Where do the team at Purezza love to eat when they’re not firing up the pizza oven? They’ve picked some favourite spots for plant-based eats this #FoodFriday.

Purezza is the UK’s first fully vegan and plant-based pizzeria, renowned for prize-winning, planet-saving pizza. Our Bristol branch opened in September 2020.

At Purezza Bristol, we’re a small and amiable team, who are basically like family to one another. We believe in a sustainable, plant-based way of living that helps not only the environment but also ourselves to be better. 

Mauri and Stef from Purezza Bristol

When it comes to our food, however, we instil these values into our cuisine of choice, which is of course pizza! The most delicious kind at that – Neapolitan style, made only with organic, homemade ingredients and love for the craft from our amazing chefs.

While every Purezza offers a uniform menu, each branch offers its own independent experience, and Purezza Bristol is no exception. Every member of staff gives their personal touch to the restaurant by bringing in different vibes to make every shift feel like a brand-new funky tune for ourselves and the customers. Like Stoof and Stef, the groovy ones who’ll dance your pizza all the way to the table, or Max, the nicest and funniest kid in town! 

We’re all dedicated Bristolian foodies too, and have eaten our way around the city. When it comes to vegan food, we’ve put together our list of our absolute favourite places to visit and eat in the city. So, when we’re not eating pizza, here’s where we choose to chomp.

Mauri and Stef from Purezza Bristol

Mauri says: Seitan's Corner

An independent, top notch vegan burger restaurant with good variety, amazing staff and in a great location. Their "Beelzebub Burger" is just the best around – just the right amount of hot in a beautiful red beetroot bun! 

Stef says: The Bristol Loaf

PLANTS EVERYWHERE! Such an amazing venue, incredible staff, serving only local and seasonal food, and it’s all homemade in their kitchen and bakery. Biting into one of their cakes is like biting into a cloud of happiness…

Stoof says: Koocha Mezze Bar

Always a buzzing atmosphere. Each mezze reminds me of the food I ate growing up, and you can't ask for much more than that!

Kebab from Koocha Mezze

Image - Koocha Mezze Bar

Max says: Replay Bristol Board Game Bar

A fully plant-based gaming cafe and bar that embodies the friendly authenticity of Stokes Croft. Even if you keep losing, the good-spirited atmosphere (and baskets of fries) will keep you smiling. 

Ollie says: Kongs (Hoba kitchen)

Hoba provide a really unique and indulgent take on the Berlin Döner. It's vibrant, full of flavour and provides something really satisfying to the vegan food scene in Bristol.

Bristol is awash with amazing vegan venues and cuisine. Whether you’re vegan or not, you can easily spend days eating amazing plant-based dishes around the city. These are just a few stops for your vegan eating tour (and don’t forget to stop by at Purezza while you’re at it). See you soon!

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