I can’t quite believe it’s been 17 years since Shrek was released as a film by DreamWorks. In its day, it was a ground-breaking animation that bucked the trend, with the protagonist being a farting ogre, rather than a handsome prince! A story about finding friendship, true love, acceptance, not judging people before you get to know them and how “beautiful isn’t always pretty”. It’s a refreshing message, enwrapped in an hilarious story with endearing characters that I was excited to share with my 6-year-old son, and the musical adaptation is just as entertaining and enthralling as the film.

It’s actually the second time Shrek the Musical has graced The Bristol Hippodrome stage, but it’s clearly been updated with references to Meghan and Harry, Brexit and even the dab dance! The flatulence and burping contest between Shrek and Princess Fiona was a particular highlight for my son, and the rest of the audience, as were the many incredible songs that were performed with excellence by the cast who includes X Factor’s Amelia Lily as Princess Fiona and Steffan Harri as the swamp-dwelling ogre.

Pint-sized villain Lord Farquaad was kneeling for nearly the entire performance and had us all mesmerized (and wincing) at what was probably a very difficult and painful feat! His comedy timing and songs to match were loudly applauded, as were the raucous chorus performances by the fairy tale characters whose costumes were spell-binding.

For a film that is so well-loved, I was hoping my son would find the musical a good match for one of his favourite animations. Judging by his wide eyes, loud giggles, open mouth, and over the top clapping, it was definitely a hit! A sure family-friendly musical that will have you all in stitches and leave you glowing with its positive message.

Shrek The Musical is at the Bristol Hippodrome 8-19th August 2018.


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Shrek the Musical at the Bristol Hippodrome
Shrek the Musical at the Bristol Hippodrome

Producers of SHREK THE MUSICAL® are delighted to announce that, following the unprecedented success of the first ever UK and Ireland Tour, the larger-than-life production will be returning to The Bristol Hippodrome.