As part of your membership, we will always try and include partners and members in as many round-up and themed blogs as we can. For examples of these, see our half term or romantic places to stay blogs. We also prioritise the order of businesses included based on their level of membership.

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We also offer the opportunity to benefit from a ‘sponsored blog’ – a blog post dedicated entirely to your attraction, business or event that gives you additional coverage on the site. The package also includes a feature in the monthly enews and paid social media advertising to the audiences you want to reach.

The blog is an extremely important way of making sure people hear about you or your event, driving traffic to your own website and ultimately purchasing tickets.

The Visit Bristol blog regularly receives around 70k views a month and the readership continues to grow. Blog views for the first half of 2019 are up 54% on the previous year and in August we hit our highest ever number of page views in a single month, reaching 94,291.

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Our social media followers (totalling almost 180,000 across our accounts) also continue to increase each month, so you are guaranteed to reach a large audience. Facebook (47k) and Instagram (40.4k) tend to go up by about 500 each month, Twitter (91.6k) goes up by about 1k each month.

Here is a typical example of a sponsored post, promoting an exhibition at Berkeley Castle - Spotlight on: Berkeley Castle Uncovered. From when it was published to when the exhibition ended, the post had 1,726 and was credited with part of the exhibition's success:

"The exhibition has been really well attended and I’m sure Visit Bristol’s marketing has helped. I looked at our analytics yesterday and Visit Bristol are streets ahead of all my other advertisers – thanks for all your hard work.  It was great to see that the exhibition featured on your weekly newsletter yesterday." - Jackie Pennington, Operations Manager at Berkeley Castle

If you would like to go ahead with a sponsored blog post we only need a week or so's notice, but the further in advance you register your interest with us, the better, so we can pencil you in to our content calendar.

We would need from you:

  • Suggested copy of around 750 words (we find that blogs work best in the form of a ‘Top 10 things not to miss’ style)
  • High res landscape images to accompany the blog

Please email Jon Chamberlain or call 0117 946 2209 to discuss options.