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John Hirst

How long have you been with Destination Bristol and what do you do?

I originally came to Bristol in 1997, where my work focused on the massive project to regenerate the shopping area of Broadmead in the heart of Bristol city centre. I became Chief Executive of the organisation in 2013, and my work focuses on a large number of tourism initiatives for Bristol with our main aim being to constantly increase the value of the Visitor Economy in this region, we have a truly great and varied offer to share with people from all corners of the world.  

Do you have a typical day?

Absolutely not – my best job ever - no two days are the same and that is one of the main attractions of the role. The variety is extensive and 99 % of the time interesting and very challenging

What’s your top tip for businesses working with Destination Bristol?

My top tip for businesses working with Destination Bristol is to realise that we have a team of passionate and professional people who are very keen to give excellent service to all our members. The best way to get the maximum value from Destination Bristol is to link closely with the team, be challenging, be demanding and have a clear focus of what you want to achieve. The Destination Bristol team will do the rest and help you to meet and beat your objective and targets.

What is your top tip for visitors to Bristol?

My suggestion for all visitors to Bristol is to set aside more time than you originally planned; there is much more to do than our visitors imagine. Visitors must also bear in mind Bristol is addictive and once you have visited you will find it hard to let go!


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