In honour of #NationalBurgerDay, we asked Bristol's very own Burger Queen, Natalie Brereton, to tell us about the best ones in town. Take it away, Nat...

Three Brothers Burgers 

A serious Bristol burger institution with a far-reaching reputation, Three Brothers has nabbed probably the most picturesque location within the city, sitting on Welsh Back with lovely views over the water. 

I’m a big fan of the Blues Brothers burger – a meaty patty topped with caramelised onions and Alex James’ (yes, him from Blur) ‘Blue Monday’ cheese. If you truly are a nutter though, the Meaty Mountain is a burger patty topped with a double stack of potato rostis, reblochon cheese, American bacon, gherkins and mustard, PHEW!

There are also vegetarian and vegan burger options, as well as chicken burgers. A special mention has got to be made for the chilli cheese fries - a big portion of fries topped with Monterey Jack cheese and covered in slow cooked beef brisket chilli. 

Three Brothers Burgers Bristol
Credit: Natalie Brereton


Asado burgers make me want to have a party. Not only are they consistently great, the restaurant is also lively and funky, with bright décor and a banging soundtrack. Oh, and the Negronis are awesome too.

Everything in Asado is cooked over a wood-fired grill, giving the patties that distinctive smoky taste and setting them aside from other burgers within the city. Owner and head chef Lucien is passionate about supporting and promoting local produce, and is very dedicated to serving only the best in quality beef.

I’d struggle to recommend a favourite burger here, as they are all so downright dirty and delicious, but if you are a first timer go for the Asado burger or the El Don to get a taste of what this restaurant is about (or one of the many specials that change regularly).

Fried chicken lovers don’t go uncatered for, as the Pollo Libre with chunky guacamole and chipotle mayonnaise has you covered. I’ve heard whispers that the vegetarian burger here is one if the best in Bristol too. 

Asado burger
Credit: Natalie Brereton

Oowee Diner 

Their strapline is ‘Deliciously Dirty’ and never has there been a truer word said when it comes to the fantastically filthy Oowee. They’ve developed quite the cult following in Bristol due to their loaded fries and banging burgers.

Some obvious go-tos for me are the Cluckin’ fries, a loaded portion topped with crispy buttermilk fried chicken, melted mozzarella, chicken gravy and spring onion. When it comes to burgers, there are SO many I could recommend, but two of my favourites are the Clucked Up burger and the original Double C.

Non-meat eaters can venture to Oowee Vegan, found on Picton Street and Baldwin Street. 

Oowee burger Bristol
Credit: Natalie Brereton


Anyone who knows me will know my one true love is the St. Werburger, named after the part of Bristol Alex calls home (might Werbs!). You'll find Squeezed tucked into one of the shipping container unit in Wapping Wharf.

This bad boy consists of two beef patties, Monterey jack cheese, smoked bacon and caper aioli, chipotle and tomato relish and confit shallots (cooked in beef fat) – it’s an absolute dream of a burger, and teamed with his homemade lemonade, one you really should try if you want a banging bap in Bristol. 

Squeezed burger
Credit: Natalie Brereton

The Hobgoblin

This Bristol boozer has a pretty stacked menu of burgers, and some beastly sides (I’ll come onto those in a minute). My go to has to be the ‘Cow and Chicken’ burger, a meaty mountain made up of a beef patty, a fried chicken breast, smoked bacon and melted brie – it’s more than a mouthful but that’s the point of eating burgers right?

Now, it’s kind of an unwritten rule that you can’t go to The Hobgoblin without ordering the dirty dirty fries; this basket of potatoes come topped with smoked pulled pork, BBQ sauce, 8 different spices, melted blue and cheddar cheese and coriander mayonnaise. It’s HUGE. I once watched 5 blokes tried to eat them and they were defeated.

The Hobgoblin burger
Credit: Natalie Brereton


Keeping it classic with a simple menu of steak or burgers which you can then customise to your personal taste, Chomp is all about quality and simplicity. Choose from their classic hamburger or cheeseburger, a couple of vegan burgers, or you can change it up with one of their hot dogs.

Being based at the Bristol Distilling Co. gin distillery in Bedminster also means you have a fantastic choice of gins and cocktails alongside the usual choice of local beers and soft drinks.   

Chomp Bristol
Credit: Chomp

Burger Theory

Passionate about using local and quality produce, Rory and his team here are never afraid to experiment and be creative, and the menu here is a burger lover’s dream for if you love to try something different.

It’s a bold claim but their ‘Prairie Girl’ chicken burger is still my favourite within Bristol; a massive hunk of fried chicken breast topped with hot sauce and blue cheese, it’s crispy on the outside and moist on the inside. However, I’d also recommend the KFC burger, and The Don.

One of the most exciting things Burger Theory offers is their Bottomless Burger Club, where you can book a two hour slot to enjoy unlimited slider burgers, sides and drinks. Is this what heaven looks like?

Credit: Natalie Brereton

The Burger Joint 

This wonderful Bristol independent focuses on keeping it local and providing the highest of quality whilst still being kind to your wallet, so it’s understandable as to why they are still a firm favourite and have been going for so long.

The great thing about Burger Joint is that you are the boss, you can have whatever you fancy, however you please. So what if your friends think your ingredient combinations make you a freak?! Eat that burger with pride!

My personal favourite has got to be Venison topped with chilli con carne and all of the cheese, my own meaty madness. However there are so many options and plenty of vegetarian and vegan offerings too. 

The Burger Joint Bristol
Credit: The Burger Joint

Honest Burgers 

These guys know a thing or two about meat, having opened their own butchers within the business. This allows them to serve their burgers slightly pink (if you so wish) due to the traceability of the produce, and so far they have been a big hit within the city.

Rosemary fries come as standard with every burger, so it's value for money as well. The Bristol burger menu option sees Honest collaborating with local producers whilst they have also worked with Psychopomp Microdistillery on their own gin and their own ‘Honest’ drop with Good Chemistry brewery.

The burgers are quite simply, honest produce served excellently, and if they keep up this standard – I am sure they will become favourites with burger fans across Bristol. 

Honest Burgers Bristol
Credit: Natalie Brereton

Smoke & Glaze 

You can find the Smoke & Glaze burger crew within the Pipe & Slippers pub on Cheltenham Road just up from Stokes Croft, and these guys are not to be underestimated.

The Chimi-Chimi-Ya is a beautiful bun made up of a beef patty, cheddar cheese, fried chorizo, chimichurri dressing, paprika mayonnaise and Cajun ketchup, whilst the Big Big is a crispy buttermilk fried chicken thigh with parma ham crisp, roast portabello, parmesan, truffle mayonnaise and Cajun ketchup.

Taking inspiration from the south, sides come in the form of halloumi fries, truffle fries and soul fries and it all goes really well washed down with a Pipedream cocktail (4 types of rum, absinthe and fruit juice). 

Smoke and Glaze burger Bristol
Credit: Natalie Brereton

Buckland Burgers 

You can find the Buckland boys gracing the various Bristol markets and you are in for a treat with one of their burgers.

With a menu that includes various patties such as venison and red wine, beef and black pudding, lamb and mint and halloumi – there is plenty of choice. You can also take your pick from a variety of toppings and sauces, to essentially create your own burger of joy. 

About the author

Natalie Brereton writes food blog Stuffed and is locally known as Bristol's Burger Queen.  

Buckland Burgers Bristol
Credit: Buckland Burgers

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