The Wave, which opened to huge anticipation in 2019, is a state-of-the-art surfing lagoon just outside the city to the north in the village of Easter Compton. Boasting as many rideable waves in one hour as you would get over eight hours in the sea, it’s already been a huge hit among both first-time surfers and long-time fans of the sport.  

If you’re intrigued but unsure whether a session at The Wave is for you, these 5 reasons to visit will have you raring to jump in a wetsuit and catch some waves.

A child surfing at The Wave, near Bristol - credit The Wave
Image: The Wave

It's a world first in Bristol

More than just an exciting addition to the list of attractions in Bristol, The Wave is the first inland surfing destination powered by Wavegarden Cove technology in the world. The ground-breaking tech can create up to 1,000 waves an hour, of varying shapes and sizes, with wave heights starting at 50cm and peaking at 1.8m.  

An aerial drone shot of The Wave inland surfing lake near Bristol - credit The Wave
Image: The Wave

Your surfing ability doesn't matter

Regardless of age, background or ability, The Wave is suitable for all. Whether it's a child stepping on a board for the first time or a professional training for the Olympics, there is a wave for everyone. The whole site has been designed to be fully inclusive and accessible, and all the surf coaches are trained to offer adaptive surf lessons for those with a range of differing physical abilities. In fact, The Wave has been a lead supporter of the UK adaptive surf team for the last three years. 

A surfer taking part in adaptive surfing at The Wave inland surfing lake near Bristol - credit The Wave
Image: Adaptive surfing at The Wave

Surfing is great for health and wellbeing 

Surfing has proven physical and mental health benefits. There is growing 'Blue Health' evidence that being in or near water is good for us. Surfing makes you feel alive and no matter what level you are at, being in the water and having fun feels rejuvenating. 

A beginner learning to surf at The Wave inland surfing lake near Bristol - credit The Wave
Image: Beginner lesson at The Wave

It's great fun all year round 

You can surf at The Wave all year round (except on Christmas Day) and even on a rainy day in winter, you’ll still have a great time. Top quality wetsuits by Rip Curl and all the kit (gloves, hoods, boots) you need to stay warm in the water are provided as part of the ticket price, so don’t be put off by worries about feeling the cold. It makes for a brilliant alternative family outing in the holidays.

It's not just about surfing 

There is a world-class surfing lake at the heart of The Wave but it's not just about surfing. It's about getting out in nature, connecting with yourself and others and having a shedload of fun in the process. Plus, you can refuel on good food and drink in the inviting café and browse the surf shop selling quality, sustainable surf equipment. There's also beautiful gardens, wildflower meadows, woodland, peaceful hideaways and family-friendly camping to enjoy too! 

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