We've selected the best of Bristol’s Chinese food offering, as recommended by locals. You’d be prawn crackers to miss out on this tasty lot:

Cathay Rendezvous 

(Recommended by Kelly Jobanputra from Ujima FM)

I’ve eaten a lot of Chinese food over the years and I’ve been to some wonderful restaurants that serve this style of food (including several in China itself). However, I am not exaggerating when I say that Cathay Rendezvous in King Street, Bristol, is up there with the best of them. I love how they have framed pictures of all the famous visitors around the place and the staff can never do enough; it really is a gem in the centre of our gloriously diverse city. Another date night special for me, this place is nicely situated near several pubs.

Selection of Chinese starters - credit Cathay Rendezvous
Image - Cathay Rendezvous


(Recommended by Mimi Avery of Averys wine merchants)

Whenever I go to the Mayflower I wonder why I do not go more often, it’s not in the most salubrious area of the city centre - nestled between the bus station and the Bear pit – but the food is some of the best Chinese (Cantonese) I have had in Bristol. I tend to go with a friend who knows a lot about the cuisine and she, along with many Bristol Chefs, love it – the latter not only because they are open until 3am. Most recently I was there with a table of 10…the soft-shell crab, squid (both normal size and baby) and sweet and sour cod were all big hits…and the TsingTao beers washed it all down well. It was incredibly good value.

(Also recommended by chef Freddy Bird)

Following a late night’s service at The Lido, we all go to The Mayflower which stays open until 3am. Despite its less than glamorous location under the bus station, they do truly authentic Chinese food. I’m a creature of habit and my go-to options are chilli squid, crispy fried pig’s intestines, steamed tripe and ginger. The last time I went I was sharing a table with Ken Hom who took me slightly further off piste - and I wasn’t disappointed!

Wong’s Chinese Restaurant

(Recommended by Justin Hawke, owner and head brewer at Moor Beer)

I have a great appreciation for good Chinese food – Wong’s on Denmark Street is a favourite. This is Chinese food made in the traditional way without compromise; the menu has a large range of dishes - most you’ve never heard of - but all very tasty. The chilli sea bass is the stuff of legends.

Chilli Daddy

(Recommended by artist Greg Harris)

My all-time favourite place to eat in Bristol is Chilli Daddy. Authentic, mouth-tingling Szechuan food - trust me, I’ve been to Chengdu in Szechuan Province, China, and it’s spot on! I’d recommend the Pork Saozi Noodle Hotpot, spice level 3 (it’s 0-5, and 4 onwards is only for those with a massive pain threshold). If you’re feeling extra greedy, grab yourself a plate of fried dumplings as well.

Person holding bowl of spicy noodles - credit Chilli Daddy
Image - Chilli Daddy

Dragon's Delicacy Bristol

(Recommended by Kathryn Davis from Visit West)

Part of the Eastgate Oriental City site in Eastville, Dragon's Delicacy is a huge restaurant with unforgiving lighting but some of the best Chinese food to be found in Bristol. The adjacent Chinese supermarket, Wai Yee Hong is a treasure trove of international ingredients, and they also do the city's biggest Chinese New Year celebrations every year (which are free to attend!).


(Recommended by Sidney Wu)

In my opinion, this is the best Chinese restaurant in Bristol. I couldn’t find a Chinese restaurant that took me right back home until I set foot in this one, which is on Park Row. It’s not that fancy but it’s a must-try if you want a taste of real Chinese food. The owner and head chef is from Wenzhou, China. He always puts the customer's needs first and loves to invent dishes, so new items are frequently added to the menu. I’d recommend going with a Chinese friend, as there is an untranslated hidden menu that only Chinese people would know how to order from. This includes lots of chef’s specials from crab flavoursome pot to peppercorn chicken plate.

The chef's home-town gem Wenzhou Glutinous Rice Bowl immediately became a hit among the usual Chinese customers (you need to pre-order this the night before to guarantee a taste). Brisnoodles is cash-only, so remember to go on an ATM run before you visit.


(Recommended by Sidney Wu)

Located on Park Street, Toro is a favourite of Chinese students. It provides a wide range of pan Asian dishes with specialities such as flavoursome pot, one-person hot pot and the much-praised grilled fish hot pot. They stick to their roots and do not change flavours to cater for local people’s taste. They also have several private karaoke rooms at the back where you can have a full on Chinese party experience.

Beijing Cooking Pot

(Recommended by Sidney Wu)

For a change from the usual Cantonese or Szechuan choices, wake up your taste buds with some authentic local dishes from northern China (Beijing and Tianjin, to be specific) at Beijing Cooking Pot, just up from the BRI hospital.

Try warm sizzling soup from the cooking pot dishes, claypot rice dishes, and special Tianjin Da Lu gravy on noodles to eat in or takeaway. The lunch deal offers from just £6.80 are great value for money, especially for those looking for quick work lunches. It’s another cash-only place.

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