Get your chops around Bristol’s finest doughnuts...


Start the day in the most delicious way and pick up one of Pinkman’s sensational sourdoughnuts, which hit the counter in the morning (from their Cafe on Gloucester Road, or right by Clifton Down train station). Magnificent looking sugar-dusted doughy balls of goodness, their tasty regular bakes include Chocolate Brownie, Honeycomb and Apple and Blackberry Crumble and the chefs regularly dream up equally fun and interesting flavours. Scrum-diddily-umptious.

A sourdough donut with a raspberry on top - Credit Pinkmans
Image - Pinkmans 


Choose to dine in or take away as you munch your way through their popular range of sourdough doughnuts. Their cafe-bakeries on Queens Road and in Cabot Circus also sell small batch ice cream, homemade cookies, chocolates and specialty coffee.

Crosstown Dougnuts counter - Clifton Triangle and Cabot Circus - credit: crosstown doughnuts
Image - Crosstown 

Pip & Co Doughnuts 

These freshly made, handcrafted delights were included in Buzzfeed’s ‘18 British Doughnuts You Must Eat Before You Die’. Regulars include oozing fillings of molten chocolate ganache, creamy custard, lemon curd and sticky gem-like jam join weekly limited edition flavours plus tasty toppings, gorgeous glazes and seasonal specials. Snaffle them up every Friday from 9am onwards at St Nick’s Bristol Street Food Market, Wine Street. Go, go, go! 

Pip & Co doughnuts credit: Pip & Co
Image - @pipp_and_co

Small Goods

Just a few doors along the river you'll find another doughnut shop - Small Goods is from the same team behind much-loved coffee shops Small St Espresso in the Old City and Little Victories in Wapping Wharf. Doughnuts are on the counter from 10am Tuesday to Friday, and you can also pick up some great coffee and other lunchtime goodies while you're there.

small goods counter credit: small goods
Image - Small Goods

Joe’s Bakery 

This bakery on Gloucester Road dates back to the late 1800s which means it has many years of doughnut-perfecting under its belt. According to highly reliable sources, the blueberry doughnuts are the best… as are the apple ones, ring ones and iced ones - so you’re golden, whatever takes your fancy. 

Joe's bakery doughnut - credit:Joe's bakery
Image - @JoesBakeryBris

VX Bristol 

This vegan junk food, coffee and grocery shop in Bedminster offers delicious alternatives to the bland lentil-bashing reputation that some associate with vegan food. Their Minty Monstershake milkshake topped with a ring donut, whipped cream, chocolate sauce and sweet popcorn is just one example.  

VX Bristol minty monstershake - credit:VX Bristol
Image - Minty monstershake, @VXBristol

Krispy Kreme 

You’ll have heard of these guys and Bristol has a couple of them to satisfy your kravingsCabot Circus – a huge shopping centre in the heart of Bristol Shopping Quarter – houses one, Avonmeads Shopping Park, St Philips Causeway, the other (a 24-hour drive-thru!). Go for a selection pack so you can try a bit of everything...

...Because, let's face it, you don't want your fields destroyed by mice. Right?

krispy kreme - credit: krispy kreme
Image - @KrispyKreme

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