Serena from Visit Bristol reviews Hamilton at The Bristol Hippodrome:  

After seeing Hamilton for the first time at the London Victoria Palace theatre a couple of years ago, my expectations were already set in place for the mastery of the musical. Experiencing this touring production at The Bristol Hippodrome was even more spectacular - there was something so special about having the ability to see a show of this calibre ten minutes from home in a setting so familiar.  

Hamilton DeAngelo Jones, Shaq Taylor, Billy Nevers and KM Drew Boateng

Image - DeAngelo Jones, Shaq Taylor, Billy Nevers and KM Drew Boateng credit by Danny Kaan.

From the very first beat, the audience is transported from The Bristol Hippodrome to 1776 New York through the four-minute-long opening number ‘Alexander Hamilton.’ The clever storytelling from the outset invites the audience to catch a glimpse of key moments in Hamilton’s story. For someone who had been lucky enough to see the show before, I was immediately reminded of the high calibre technique, energy and passion which is infused in every line.

Hamilton at The Bristol Hippodrome

Image - Charles Simmons as George Washington and Company credit Danny Kaan

A major part of this for me was Blankenbuehler’s outstanding choreography of the ensemble, whose synergy, strength, and power assists in bringing the narrative to life. The tension and release of the musicality led the audience through the story, to maintain that energy and capture the audience for 2 hours and 45 minutes is a true art form. 

Hamilton Maya Britto, Aisha Jawando and Gabriela Benedetti credit Danny Kaan

Image - Maya Britto, Aisha Jawando and Gabriela Benedetti credit Danny Kaan

Hamilton celebrates a range of genres and its combination of rap, R&B, hip-hop and classical underlines its uniqueness. Shaq Taylor as ‘Alexander Hamilton’ and Gabriela Benedetti as ‘Peggy Schuyler’ were both breathtaking in their ability to maintain consistency across all these genres.

Hamilton at The Bristol Hippodrome - Shaq Taylor as Hamilton and Company

Image - Shaq Taylor as Hamilton and Company credit Danny Kaan

I watched the show with my boyfriend, who hadn’t seen the musical before, and didn’t know much about it. However, after countless car karaoke renditions of ‘My Shot’ and listening to the full soundtrack on repeat, I think it’s safe to say he’s now a huge fan. Watching Hamilton redefined his perception of musicals, and we were both in awe at the high level of artistry, passion and co-operation present throughout.  

Hamilton The Company credit by Danny Kaan

Image - The Company credit Danny Kaan

This is a musical which has been created to be watched again and again (thankfully) and there’s something new to be learnt each time, a new detail of the set to spot, or a line of song that takes on a whole new meaning. Hamilton is simply a masterpiece of a musical and I would strongly recommend everyone to go and see it, at least once

Hamilton is at the Bristol Hippodrome until 22 June – make sure to get your tickets now!

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