Events will pop up across Bristol for Fair Saturday on 30 November, including a special breakfast hosted by trailblazing foodie social enterprise 91 Ways to Build a Global City. The organisation was founded by Kalpna Woolf to celebrate the city’s diverse communities and bring them together through food.

From supper clubs to top spots for picking up ingredients, check out Kalpna’s #FoodFriday choices. 

91 Ways to Build a Global City founder Kalpna Woolf

Image credit: Kalpna Woolf

Spike Island

A perfect space for supper clubs and meetings. You'll often find one of the 91 Ways team here escaping the buzz of the city. Currently Tin Can Coffee has taken over running the café and the quality of the coffee is amazing. We're looking forward to what's in store for the café next year. 

Mule Bird Supper Club

Ben from Mule Bird has been cooking with 91 Ways over the last year and has produced some really memorable and delicious Malaysian meals. Look out for his supper club announcements on Facebook and Instagram

Total Produce

Total Produce is a huge supporter of 91 Ways and great at delivering delicious, fresh and seasonal fruits and vegetables for us to use in our supper clubs. We often join them for charity breakfast events at Bristol Fruit Market. 

Bristol Sweet Mart

An important stop before many of our supper clubs to grab essential ingredients which you won't find at the supermarket. Based on St Marks Road in Easton, we always make sure we pop to the deli for a bag of warm samosas before heading to the till. 


KooKoo is home to the Gilan Kitchen and has been a favourite of the 91 Ways team for many years. Come here for delicious freshly cooked Persian food in a relaxed setting.  

About the author

Kalpna is an award-winning author, former BBC head and founder of 91 Ways to Build A Global City, an initiative which reaches out to all the 91 language communities in Bristol to bring greater understanding, break down barriers and build a more cohesive city. 91 Ways will be working with Fair Saturday and BCC to host a breakfast for Bristol on 30 November. 


Fair Saturday Bristol
Arts and Culture
Fair Saturday Breakfast 2018 with 91 Ways to Build a Global City and ACH © Paul Blakemore

Bristol will become the first city in England to join Fair Saturday, a global movement which aims to boost arts, culture and social causes every last Saturday of November.

Spike Island
Arts Centre
Spike Island Bristol

A unique centre devoted to the production and exhibition of the contemporary visual arts, as well as a great café space