When it comes to clothes and accessories, Becky Barnes loves feeling like she’s made her money go further. Currently in month eight of a year-long challenge not to buy any clothes from new, she’s scoured the city to find the best places to pick up amazing pre-loved items. Not only is it easy on your bank balance, it’s great for the environment too as it’s extending the life cycle of the clothes. Here are her seven top spots for bargain hunters in Bristol:

7 top spots for bargain hunters in Bristol

Image - Becky Barnes

Gloucester Road

This stretch is a shopper’s paradise, particularly if you prefer to get away from the generic high street and shop in independents. From a bargain hunter’s perspective, it’s also a mine of quality charity and vintage shops, each with their own unique identity and stock. Try Cats Protection, Clic Sargent and Cancer Research for some real gems. Shoppers who joined Becky on her Personal Stylist Charity Shop Tours were so impressed, that many have returned for more retail therapy at a later date.

Cheltenham Road

Leading into Gloucester Road is Cheltenham Road - a great place for vintage lovers. It’s home to the colourful Fabulous Vintage, which houses two floors of sparkles and treats to explore. Move a bit further along and you’ll find Treasures on Stokes Croft, which is beautifully curated. Carry on down towards the city centre and you’ll get to the Vintage Market (open Thursday to Sunday) and Loot on the Bear Pit. You’ll find lots of different price points, eras and styles in all of them, but most importantly, something to suit all tastes.

Cotham Hill

Cotham Hill is home to a densely populated stretch of charity shops starting with Brandon Trust and ending with Oxfam. The St Peter’s Hospice shop has a quality ‘designer’ section and Clic Sargent is great for pieces straight out of the 70s and 80s, including a well-stocked denim section. While you’re there, be sure to check out Amulet too. It’s sells new, rather than pre-loved items, but has some gorgeous brands including one which looks remarkably like Ted Baker, but cheaper!

Clifton Village

Clifton Village has just upped its game with the transformation of the old Save The Children Shop into a swanky new Mary’s Living and Giving. Here you can find Vivienne Westwood shoes for £30 and a McQueen skirt for £35. There’s also the brilliant Village Green who sell divine pre-loved designer wear so if you like your labels, but not the price tags, this boutique is for you. Here you’ll find red-soled Louboutins, coveted handbags by Mulberry and Prada and clothes by McCartney, Chloe and Pucci.

Clifton Village - top 7 spots for bargain hunters in bristol

Image - Clifton Village

Colston Yard

Another designer-lover’s dream destination is Colston Yard. Rag Trade is located here and if you’re lucky, you’ll be able to pick up designer items at a snip – Becky’s best buy was a Chloe belt and silk scarf from Liberty’s for under £40… for both! Well worth a trip. Don’t miss the Sale Rail near the changing rooms at the back of the shop too. Some items are knocked down to a fiver so it’s always worth a quick swish through the hangers. Currently on the rails are Bottega Veneta, Chie Mihara and Missoni.

Park Street

Park Street has its fair share of good quality charity and vintage shops, with the Vintage Thrift Store being the most recent addition. You’ll need your wits about you in this place though as nothing is sized. Instead, you have to rely on your senses to guide you to prints, fabrics or colours that you’re drawn to and then hope it fits. There are also no changing rooms, so you’re unable to try pieces on. That said, the pricing structure makes it worth taking the risk! Top tip - take note of the colour on the hanger because that indicates the price of the item.

Park Street - Top 7 spots for bargain hunters in Bristol

Image - Park Street, credit Morgane Bigault


Bedminster is home to a number of great charity shops, but my favourite of them all is a vintage shop called Rhubarb Jumble. Packed with clothes and homewares, it’s a visual feast. Expect bold prints, quirky colour combinations and attention to detail. It’s even been featured in Vogue.

For more info on personal shopping trips whether you’re on a budget or not, visit www.beckybarnesstyle.com.

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7 Top spots for Bargain hunters in Bristol

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