Summer arts trail Unicornfest brings 60 beautifully decorated unicorn sculptures to the streets of Bristol and the surrounding area until the end of summer - and we've got all of the locations you can find them!

The unicorns are dotted across 55 locations in Bristol and beyond, and have been decorated by a variety of artists in support of Leukaemia Care. You can buy the map for £1 from IKEA's pop-up 'Home of the Unicorn' shop in Cabot Circus, where Yuup are running a pre-bookable programme of unicorn-themed activities.

Unicornfest shop

Image - Unicornfest shop, credit Yuup

We've divided the trial by different areas in and around the city, maybe make a day of each section so you haven't got too much to do at once.

This blog also appears on Bristol 650 - find out more about the city's year of anniversaries and celebrations.

Central BristolClifton & North Bristol | Stokes Croft & Gloucester Road | East Bristol | South Bristol | South Gloucestershire | North Somerset 

Unicornfest 2023 map

Central Bristol

Starting your trail in the city centre? Take a look at our Harbourside page to find out what else there is to do around the water's edge, from food and drink to free activities. You could even take the Bristol Ferry between unicorn locations!

There's also plenty to do around the Old City, including museums, markets and parks to keep you busy.

Melanin (Brunel Square, Bristol BS1 6JR)

Designed by Keyane, this piece just by Brunel's SS Great Britain is about changing stereotypes and embracing black animals to view them as beautiful and positive.

UWEcorn (Bristol Aquarium, BS1 5TT)

Designed by Chloe Tyler, the decorations feature a Bristol fairytale landscape, complete with hills, rainbows and a classic Bristol sight: hot air balloons!

UWEcorn outside Bristol Aquarium
Image - UWEcorn at Bristol Aquarium, credit Charlotte Harris

Honey Bees (One College Square South, BS1 5HL)

Designed by Jasmine Coe, this artwork is based on her painting ‘Honeybee Hive’ which highlights the importance honeybees play in our natural world.

Guardian of the Ocean (Millennium Promenade (near Bloggs Salon), BS1 5SY)

Decorated by Farrah Fortnam, this unicorn is there to protect all oceans from overfishing, plastic poulltion and climate change. We must act now - what will you do?

Guardian of the Oceans Unicornfest
Image - Guardian of the Ocean, credit Charlotte Harris

Slimycorn (We The Curious, BS1 5DB)

Decorated by Guts, Slimycorn is a slimy dayglo unicorn who loves bright colours, loud music and messy creativity! He wants everyone to get messy, be silly (and a bit gross) and have fun expressing themselves. 

Image - Slimycorn at We The Curious, credit Charlotte Harris

Gemini's Nebular (Brandon Hill Park, BS1 5QD)

Designed by Laura Erveti, this artwork explains Sophie’s experience as a Leukaemia patient. She had her room decorated with unicorns and her loved ones would bring her presents with unicorns and pink. 

Ambition of Bristol (Bristol Cathedral, BS1 5TJ)

Decorated by Emma Elena Mihai from Percy Thomas Architects, the design features a map of Bristol highlighting the main cultural places in the city where all the unicorn sculptures can be found.

Ambition of Bristol outside Bristol Cathedral
Image - Ambition of Bristol at Bristol Cathedral, credit Charlotte Harris

Old City New Potential (The Galleries, BS1 3DX)

Designed by Oshii, the artwork combines motifs from Bristol's coat of arms with Adinkra symbology from Ghana to acknowledge Bristol's history, celebrate its cultural diversity and provide a sense of optimism and hope for its future.

(Don't fear) The Reaper (The Galleries, BS1 3DX)

Designed by Ejits, this unicorn is a celebration of creativity. There is mixed feeling around whether graffiti is good for our city and Ejits say 'Don’t fear it, embrace it!' 

Broadmead Daisy (outside The Galleries, BS1 3DX)

Designed by Sandra Emmel, this unicorn is covered in beautiful daisies. Look closely and you will see all the happy bumble bees busy working on a lovely summer day. Daisy was created for Broadmead as before the shops arrived, it was a huge meadow full of flowers and wildlife.

Unicornfest roller disco at The Galleries

As well as hosting Unicorns (find them on the ground & top floors), The Galleries will also be running a UnicornFest Roller Disco on the top floor from 1m to 5pm every Saturday and Sunday until 27 August.

Broadmead Daisy
Image - Broadmead Daisy outside The Galleries

The Wild Bunch (Quakers Friars, BS1 3BZ)

Designed by Natalie Naumann, this unicorn is a tribute to the ‘Bristol Sound’. The Wild Bunch were a collection of artists, DJs, MCs and bands who all emerged out of Bristol in the '80s and '90s, such as Massive Attack.

The Wild Bunch Unicornfest
Image - The Wild Bunch in Quakers Friars

The Great Wave of Bristol Harbour (Cabot Circus, BS1 3BH)

Decorated by Conrico Steez, this design takes inspiration from Bristol's maritime history, including the speed boat racing event that took place in the harbour each year between 1972-1990. 

brizzleicons (Cabot Circus info booth, BS1 3BH)

Designed by artist Sarah Dicks, this features many iconic landmarks and symbols of Bristol in a playful style - how many can you name?

brizzlecoins in Cabot Circus
Image - brizzlecoins in Cabot Circus, credit Charlotte Harris

Unicorn on the Cob (Castle Park, BS1 3XD)

Decorated by Emma Barnie, this unicorn-shaped corn on the cob has one of the best views in Bristol, looking out across the park. 

Unicorn on the Cob at Unicornfest

Image - Unicorn on the Cob in Castle Park

Freya (M Shed, BS1 4RN)

Designed by Angus, this unicorn has been decorated with nearly 12,500 iridescent tiles  and will shine in any light, day or night.

The Golden Unicorn (Welsh Back, BS1 4AN)

Designed by Bo Lanyon, this unicorn is covered in gold from hoof to horn, echoing the similar unicorns on the roof of City Hall (have you noticed them before?).

Golden Unicorn
Image - Golden Unicorn on Welsh Back, credit Charlotte Harris

Hubooicorn (Finzels Reach, Old Temple Street, BS1 6BX)

Designed by Abdel Toure, this sculpture is a fusion of zebras and unicorns, with its stripes composed of Bristol names.

Faces of the City (Desklodge, Bristol BS1 6NL)

Decorated by Jasmine Thompson, the artwork celebrates the diverse communities of the city, along with some key landmarks.

Butterfly Concerto (St Mary Redcliffe Church, BS1 6RA)

Designed by renowned street artist Cheba, this unicorn is decorated with an array of multicoloured abstract butterflies and vibrant abstract flower shaped brushstrokes to reflect the unicorn's serene beauty and mysticism.

Butterfly Concerto
Image - Butterfly Concerto outside St Mary Redcliffe, credit Charlotte Harris

Glow with the Flow (Temple Quay, BS1 6DG)

Designed by Hazard One, one of the Tpo 25 female street artists worldwide, this artwork combines rich colour palettes with illumination and modern-age glitch effects using traditional free-hand graffiti techniques.

Time Travelling Odyssey 2187 (Temple Meads Station, BS1 6QF)

Decorated by Alpha Wilson, the artwork features a blend of vinyl wrap and spray paint art.

Time Travelling Odyssey
Image - Time Travelling Odyssey 2187 at Temple Meads

Clifton & North Bristol

Up the hill from the city centre, in Clifton you'll find stunning architecture, magnificent museums and plenty of great food and drink to enjoy between unicorn spotting. As well as being home to the iconic Clifton Suspension Bridge, you'll also find relaxing green spaces such as The Downs and nearby University of Bristol Botanic Gardens.

Phoenix (Victoria Rooms, BS8 1SA)

Designed by Jayde Perkin, Phoenix illustrates  Jo's story and the rollercoaster journey she's been on, from her initial leukemia diagnosis, getting better, then a rare mutation, and a world turned upside down (again), to where she is now. 

Phoenix unicorn at Victoria Rooms
Image - Phoenix outside the Victoria Rooms, credit Charlotte Harris

Risa (RWA, BS8 1PX)

Decorated by Kate Elkington, Risa means 'smile' in Spanish, which suits this very happy unicorn who expresses all her joyous feelings through the vibrant colours and bold shapes on her coat.

Dance Dance Dance (RWA, BS8 1PX)

Designed by local artist Zoë Power, this artwork was inspired by the unicorn as a symbol for diversity, self expression and joy. A kaleidoscope of dancers throw shapes amongst electric squiggles and glitter.

RWA unicorns for Unicornfest
Image - Risa and Dance Dance Dance at RWA, credit Charlotte Harris

Babber (CJ Hole Whiteladies Road, BS8 2RF)

Painted by Bristol street artist Inkie, this bold design highlights the city's different areas. How many can you recognise? 

Home (Victoria Square, BS8)

Designed by Holy Moly, Home is a colourful celebration of the spirit of Bristol. Fiercely creative, wildly independent, often weird but, always wonderfully so! 

Home unicorn in Victoria Square
Image - Home in Victoria Square, credit Charlotte Harris

Popcorn (Clifton Observatory, BS8 3LT)

Designed by Paula Bowles, this unicorn is a tasty mix of sweet and salty, toffee caramel, and butter popcorn, all contained in a red and white striped popcorn bucket!

Guardian of the Forest (Clifton Suspension Bridge - Clifton end of the bridge, BS8 3PA)

The second of two unicorns decorated by Farrah Fortnam in Broadmead, this unicorn has been created for Christmas. 

Guardian of the Forest at Clifton Suspension Bridge
Image - Guardian of the Forest at Clifton Suspension Bridge, credit Charlotte Harris

Neuro-Disco-Corn (Clifton Suspension Bridge - Leigh Woods end of the bridge, BS8 3PA

Decorated by Kazz Hollick, Neuro-Disco-Corn celebrates neurodiversity with its extravaganza of colourful metallic paint.

Neuro-Disco-Corn at Clifton Suspension Bridge
Image - Neuro-Disco-Corn at Clifton Suspension Bridge, credit Charlotte Harris

Leila (Sea Walls Viewpoint, BS9 1PG)

Designed by Lucas Antics, who has artworks dotted around the city, Leila features pretty peacocks prancing all over the unicorn!

Bristol Blue (Blaise Castle House Museum, BS10 7QS)

Decorated by Sarah Jane Grace, this unicorn is based on blue and white china horses. Exclusive rights for cobalt oxide in the region were bought by a Bristol potter researching blue for pottery - it was this oxide that was used to create the famous Bristol Blue Glass

Leila unicorn in Clifton
Image - Leila at Sea Walls Viewpoint, credit Charlotte Harris

Stokes Croft & Gloucester Road

One of the city's top areas for shopping, dining and drinking, you're never far from something fun or delicious on Stokes Croft and Gloucester Road. Take the day to wander around cafes, artisan shops and small galleries, with plenty of street art to see too - see if you can spot the Banksy artwork on your travels!

Carni (St Paul's Learning Centre, BS2 8XJ)

Designed by Ella-Mia Grant, Carni is a tribute to St Pauls Carnival, which takes place every July and where music, dance and the Afro Carribean culture are celebrated. 

Nevil (Gloucestershire County Cricket Club, BS7 9EJ)

Designed by Jayde Perkin, Nevil the unicorn illustrates long summer evenings watching and playing cricket. 

Nevil at Gloucestershire County Cricket
Image - Nevil at Gloucestershire County Cricket

Charlie (100 Gloucester Road, BS7 8BN)

Designed by Jess Massam, Charlie is about perspective. There are two patterns, black and white, and both work in harmony together.

Nova (Sainsburys Local, BS7 8AE)

Designed by Talora Welsh, Nova is inspired by the fresh and vibrant foods available across Bristol.

Irene (Bristol Rovers Memorial Stadium, BS7 0BF)

Decorated by Silent Hobo, you'll find this unicorn in her Bristol Rovers home kit, ready to cheer on the team. Up the Gas!

Irene at Bristol Rovers
Image - Irene at Bristol Rovers Memorial Stadium

East Bristol

Stretching from Old Market with its range of brewery taprooms, cafes and nightlife, to the quiet suburbs of Downend and Fishponds, East Bristol has plenty of serene parks, fun playgrounds and large nature reserves to keep the family occupied on multiple visits. The Bristol and Bath Railway Path is a great way to get between areas on foot or by bike, with several cafes and bars dotting the route, all the way to the centre of Bath.

Sweet Dreams (Bakehouse, BS2 0JZ)

Designed by Hannah Worsley, the artwork is pick ‘n’ mix intertwined with the mythical fantasy of unicorns.

Silence Provokes (Trinity Centre, BS2 0NW)

Decorated by Emma Blake Morsi, Silence Provokes hopes to raise awareness about the inequalities within healthcare that ethnically diverse groups still face. The artwork features predominantly black and brown shapes on one half, with the other half featuring vibrant colours, patterns and textures.

Silence Provokes Unicornfest
Image - Silence Provokes at Trinity Centre

So above, so below, so within, so without (Wake the Tiger, BS2 OYA)

Designed by Michelle Curtis, this design is an ode to humanity and to the artist's African ancestry.

Mash Up Bristol (St Werburghs City Farm, BS2 9YJ)

Designed by Silent Hobo, this is Bristol's UV painted original partycorn.

Attic Treasure (IKEA, BS5 6XX)

Designed by Natasha Tallon, the artwork is inspired by the well-known Swedish emblem - the Dala Horse.Featuring traditional Swedish folk-art design, this unicorn appears like a long-lost keepsake which has been found in the attic.

Attic Treasures Unicornfest
Image - Attic Treasures

Lunarcorn (IKEA, BS5 6XX)

Painted by Amy Magee (Contemporary Artist of the Year, 2022 SME Awards), don't miss this galactic unicorn - can you find the Northern Lights?

Be Magical Brizzle (Forge & Fern, BS16 5NL)

Designed by Amy Magee, this unicorn is inspired by the exterior living walls its sponsor, The Forge & Fern, which promotes a greener Bristol. They even harvest their own honey from bees that live on their site! Spot the ‘Hive Rules’ dotted around this unicorn.

Gracie (Corner of Badminton Road and Cleve Road, Downend, BS16 6BQ)

Painted by Kim Reed, Gracie is a colourful fairytale unicorn. Escape into her rainbow fairytale world and enjoy her multi sensory textures.

Gracie Unicornfest
Image - Gracie 

South Bristol

Popular with locals and visitors alike for street art and an extensive choice of independent shops, bars and restaurants, the area comprising Bedminster, Southville and Ashton is a packed day out just a stone's throw from the harbour and city centre. Take in the murals from past Upfest events as you wander around (the festival returns in 2024), sample a beer flight from local brewery Bristol Beer Factory, or take a spooky tour of the area if you're sticking around until the evening.

Roarsome (Windmill Hill City Farm, BS3 4EA)

Designed by Paula Bowles, this tiger-striped unicorn has roar-some energy!

Peek a Boo Lou Lou! (Ashton Gate Stadium, BS3 2EJ)

Painted by Maureen La Frenais, Lou Lou reflects the artist's connections with the city, focusing on well-known places and events in or close to Bristol.

Peek a Boo Lou at Ashton Gate Stadium
Image - Peek a Boo Lou at Ashton Gate Stadium

Green King (North Street Green, BS3 1JQ)

Designed by Zase, this unicorn celebrates nature and the beauty of our planet, incorporating natural elements like leaves and flowers into the artwork.

Gerty the Punkicorn (Tobacco Factory, BS3 1TF)

Designed by gerty Alistair Flindall, the artwork is a nod to Bristol's punk scene, with some classic punk/tattoo symbols, slang and images that relate to the cityscape and the hot air balloon festival.

Gerty the Punkicorn at Tobacco Factory
Image - Gerty the Punkicorn at Tobacco Factory

Mike the Microbial Unicorn (Riverside Garden Centre, BS3 1RX)

Painted by Emma Burleigh, this unicorn wants to encourage us to be excited by, rather than fearful, of viruses and other micro-organisms. Be fascinated by the tiniest things in life!

Bristol Kiss (Ashton Court Estate, BS41 9JN)

Designed by Emma Catherine and sponsored by University Hospitals Bristol and Weston NHS Foundation Trust.

Bristol Kiss at Ashton Court
Image - Bristol Kiss at Ashton Court Estate

South Gloucestershire

Plan a day out of the city in South Glos and prepare to be very busy! From shopping in Cribbs Causeway to family attractions including Bristol Zoo Project, Aerospace Bristol, The Wave and Westonbirt Arboretum, this area is absolutely jam-packed with things to do while you're ticking off your unicorn locations.

StarHopper (AirHop Bristol, BS34 5TA)

Designed by Marta Zubieta, this unicorn is inspired by the multicoloured spirit animals from Latin American culture, called “alebrijes” that are know for giving good omen guiding and helping us to tap into our inner intuition.

Harry Unikane (Aerospace Bristol, BS34 5BZ)

Designed by Silent Hobo, Harry was created to cheer on England in the 2022 World Cup. 

Harry Unikane
Image - Harry Unikane

Riverfield / R.ESET (The Mall at Cribbs Causeway - outside Boots entrance, BS34 5UP)

Designed by .EPOD, the artwork portrays a symbol of peace. The story shown within the futuristic body of the unicorn is a reflection of man's impact on the worlds landscape. 

Heidi Plainesite (The Mall at Cribbs Causeway - outside John Lewis entrance, BS34 5UP)

Painted by Leylah Morsey, take a look at the twists and turns, false leads and hidden clues on this unicorn. Can you spot the elusive unicorn?

Ukuphilisa Amanzi (West Country Water Park, BS36)

Designed by Susannah Peacock, this unicorn celebrates Bristol's nautical past, featuring mermaids and seahorse unicorns!

Heidi Plainesite at Mall Cribbs
Image - Heidi Plainesite at Mall Cribbs

North Somerset

From the animal parks, historic cave systems and adventurous outdoor activities of rural Somerset, to the beautiful landscapes and family attractions around the coast, you'll find more than enough to distract you from your unicorn quest in the scenic countryside just a short distance south of Bristol.

Blooming Gorgeous (Cheddar Gorge and Caves - by waterfall, BS27 3QF

Designed by Mary Price, this unicorn celebrates the wild and beautiful green spaces in the Bristol region and beyond.

Sandy (The Grand Pier in Weston-super-Mare, BS23 1AL)

Painted by Paula Bowles, Sandy is inspired by the beautiful classical carousel horses on a merry-go-round.

  • Top tip: Race around the 300 metre indoor Go-Kart track at The Grand Pier

Sandy at The Grand Pier
Image - Sandy at The Grand Pier

Flo (Salt & Malt Chew Valley Lake, BS40 8XS)

Designed by Nicola Scott, this artowrk was inspired by harbour views, colourful houses, the bridge, and balloons.

Coco the Pandicorn (Noah's Ark Zoo Farm, BS48 1PG)

Designed by Shilpi Sharma, this unicorn features an adorable panda bear which embodies peace, and emphasizes the importance of conservation.

Goldie Horn (Puxton Park, BS24 6AH)

Painted by Jenny Urquhart, Goldie Horn was the first unicorn to be created for the trail, featuring colourful icons of the city.

Goldie Horn at Puxton Park
Image - Goldie Horn at Puxton Park

As part of the Bristol 650 celebrations running this year, after the trail there will be a Farewell to the Unicorns festival at Propyard in September, followed by an auction of the unicorns in October, with proceeds going to Leukaemia Care. 

Let us know on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook how many unicorns you tick off the list this summer!

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Unicorn at Clifton Suspension Bridge - Credit Charlotte Harris

This summer a giant herd of unicorns descends on the streets of Bristol. How many can you find?

Cabot Circus
Shopping Centre
Cabot Circus interior

Bristol’s Cabot Circus offers the ultimate shopping experience, bringing together a host of high-street and designer brands and confirming the city’s status as the South West’s style capital.

Unicornfest Roller Disco at The Galleries
Unicornfest Roller Disco

As well as hosting two glorious Unicorns (find them on the ground & top floors), The Galleries will also be running a UnicornFest Roller Disco on the top floor every weekend from 22 July through until 27 August from 10am to 5pm.