When Seb Key isn’t working as Undergraduate Education Officer at Bristol Students’ Union, he’s eating, cooking or thinking about food. He's shared some favourite brunch, lunch and dinner spots for #FoodFriday.

Some people spend their money on clothes, others buy tickets for festivals or go on holiday. I like to find and eat good food. Any night can be made into an occasion to eat out and nothing brings people together like food (or dancing).

These places are some of my highlights from exploring the tastes of Bristol, all of which are sure to have you saying ‘ooooooo’ as you ogle at the seductive content of their plates.

Seb Key from Bristol Students' Union

The Bristolian

Who doesn’t love going out for breakfast or brunch? The Bristolian is on Picton Street in Montpelier and is always easy to spot as the queue for a table extends out into the street.

The breakfasts are exactly what any veggie would hope for, with large portions, interesting meat alternatives (I’d die for their aubergine fritters) and fresh smoothies. You’re absolutely guaranteed to spot people taking Instagram-ready photos here. What a delight!

Foliage Café

Plants, baked things and coffee. Three things that I love in this world all come together in this enchanting café in Clifton Village. Go, eat a pastry, stare at an aloe vera and unwind – what could be a better mood-booster than this place?

FESS Bristol

This sandwich shop is the most up and coming eatery I can think of in Bristol. Run by two young and innovative locals, Finn and Ellie can be found creating irresistible sandwiches, burritos and drinks at bargain prices.

Opening up just this year, students always flock to this spot for an exciting lunch. From kimchi grilled cheese to BBQ mushroom burritos (for just £2), every time I manage to track down FESS I know there will be a delicious feast in store.


This little gem in Wapping Wharf is bringing back seasonal eating and everybody loves it. With vegetables as the centerpiece in most of their tapas-style dishes, chef has created novel ways to turn frumpy veg into culinary delights.

Dish from Root, Bristol

Image - Root


I know this isn’t exactly a secret, located smack in the middle of Park Street, but I couldn’t leave it out. This vibrant and cosy restaurant bears resemblance to Colin Firth’s illustrious finale in Love Actually, made all the more welcoming by Simone and the team. There is a wide selection of vegan pizza and pasta dishes alongside other Italian staples, always delicious food and never a sombre mood.

About the author

Seb is the Undergraduate Education Officer at University of Bristol Students’ Union and passionate about implementing sustainability into higher education. He is an adventurous foodie and obsessive baker, frequently churning out loaves of sourdough, birthday cakes and once a pizza for 23 people.

Seb has a love for vegan food and having lived in Bristol for 4 years, has explored many of the veggie places on offer around the city.

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