Bristol Blue Glass Limited (trading as The Original Bristol Blue Glass Company) was founded back in 1988 by James Adlington, with the help of glass maker Peter St Clair. The aim was to re-establish a tradition, back into Bristol, that had been lost for over 60 years - the art of glass-making! 

At this time a lot of traditional English glassmaking techniques were in severe danger of being lost forever, and given that the Bristol Blue Glass name is originally over 350 years old, this would have been a tragedy.

Person making blue glass object - Credit Oliver Jordan
Credit: Oliver Jordan

Thirty-five years on, they still endeavour to keep this tradition alive, combining the best of the tools, techniques and traditions from the past with the quality, style and professionalism which is synonymous with Bristol Blue Glass today. A tradition they are very privileged to carry forward into the twenty-first century. 

Bristol Blue Glass develop their makers and their skills as they go, taking on apprentices to train. It takes approximately eight years to train and there are always more techniques to be learned.

Man making a glass object in workshop, credit: Bristol Blue Glass
Credit: Bristol Blue Glass

All the glass is hand free blown, without use of molds and although they are famous for the traditional Bristol Blue Glass, their works also include various different coloured glass ranges and dichroic glass. From your traditional drinkware and vases to jewellery, glass sculptures, corporate awards and the very popular Cremation Memorial Glass. Visit their shop on High Street in the city centre to browse their range of products.

A staff member shaping a glass object at Bristol Blue Glass - credit Bristol Blue Glass
Credit: Bristol Blue Glass

You can visit the factory, free of charge, and watch the glassmakers at work any day apart from Sunday. They have a large shop there where you can purchase a souvenir, or gift, to remember you visit. You can also, Blow Your Own Bauble (£30 per person) on Fridays and Saturdays.