Colston Hall has had a #MerryBristmas makeover as part of our seasonal campaign with help from local artists and creative agency Stuff. Eight window panels on the front of the venue have been filled with eight different murals, each celebrating a part of the ‘Bristmas’ experience – from the buzzing bars and restaurants to spectacular celebrations.

Get to know the artists and which panel they’ve worked their magic on in our rundown below. Then head to Colston Hall, marvel at the whole thing in person, and snap a photo or two from our designated selfie spot. It’s sure to give you all the festive feels!

Jump to: Silent Hobo mural being auctioned off for local homeless charity Caring in Bristol.

#MerryBristmas windows on Colston Hall by Bristol street artists

Buzzing bars and restaurants by Kid Crayon

Kid Crayon is an Urban Contemporary artist based in Bristol. The artwork he creates often centres around human figures and is rooted in Hip Hop, skateboard and graffiti culture. His Bristmas design in this style shows off the festive food and drink offering Bristol serves up in December.

Remarkable places to stay by Marta Zubieta

Marta Zubieta is an artist, illustrator, muralist and graphic designer, inspired by surrealism, cartoon, and sci-fi movies.

“I focused on showing a night in Bristol through my own eyes. A couple of foxes observe the scene from the roof of Marriott Hotel; they can see the Harbourside Christmas Market, a couple of friends enjoying a hot tub, a family bike ride around the city and a kid that dreams of a magic bed while an Astronaut Santa is delivering Christmas presents to everyone.

“I think Bristol is a multicultural, very creative and imaginative city where anything can happen and I wanted to infuse the picture with a bit of that magic.”

Remarkable places to stay #MerryBristmas artwork by Marta Zubieta

Image credit: Marta Zubieta

Inspirational museums by Elaine Carr

Elaine Carr is a model maker and scenic artist, who uses her background in architecture to draw inspiration from the built environment of her adopted home – Bristol. 

“I was really happy to be involved with the #MerryBristmas campaign. The museums being celebrated in the 'inspiring' panel are favourites of mine, so it was an honour to bring them into the foreground and let them shine.”

Elaine Carr #MerryBristmas artwork progression

Image credit: Elaine Carr / Stuff. 

Sensational shopping by Andy Council

Andy Council is an illustrator and mural artist who creates composite beasts made up of landmarks and other elements. These creatures can be seen across Bristol and far beyond. Andy's Bristmas design focuses on the shopping areas of Bristol – spot them incorporated into the shape of a Christmas tree to represent the festive season.

Thrilling entertainment by Cheo

Cheo is one of Bristol's most well-known street artists, having been drawing and painting graffiti characters since the 1980s. He's captured the city's edge-of-your-seat sports action and music scene in his distinctive cartoon style, which is inspired by the comic book characters of Vaughn Bode. 

Cheo #MerryBristmas artwork progression

Image credit: Cheo / Stuff.

Magical markets by Tim Ulewicz

Tim Ulewicz is an illustrator and designer who has worked with clients like Oral B, Guinness and Krispy Kreme alongside producing street art. His panel pieces together parts of the city's most buzzing festive markets. Read about where this year's best Christmas markets are here

Amazing attractions by Lucas Antics

Lucas Antics, aka Alex Lucas, is an illustrator and artist known for her quirky and humourous designs featuring strange characters, which you can see around Bristol and the rest of the South West. Using her signature style, the amazing attractions mural focuses on Bristol landmarks and she has transformed residents of some of the city's biggest attractions into starring characters. 

Lucas Antics #MerryBristmas artwork progression

Image credit: Lucas Antics / Stuff. 

Spectacular celebrations by Silent Hobo

Silent Hobo has been heavily involved in the street art scene in Bristol for many years now and has helped organise professional large scale murals in keeping with the surrounding areas and local landmarks. He’s also created large scale artworks for clients ranging from Google to the National Trust and 2019 saw him painting murals for the Cricket World Cup and The Bristol County Ground

Auction for Caring in Bristol

The spectacular celebrations illustration represents the great theatre and performances that take place in Bristol over the Christmas season. Silent Hobo painted a version on canvas live at our campaign launch event, which has been donated to local charity Caring in Bristol to sell at auction and raise funds for their Caring at Christmas project. 

Caring at Christmas is a pop-up shelter in the centre city centre that shelters up to 60 people each night and feeds over 150 homeless and vulnerable people each day over Christmas and New Year. Make a bid for this unique piece of Bristol art and support this vital work here.

Street artist Silent Hobo painting #MerryBristmas mural for charity

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