We're challenging our followers on Instagram to tag us in the best photo of Bristol they've taken on a particular theme, and the latest theme was 'Bristol Street Art'.

Bristol's walls are alive with street art, from Bedminster and Southville to Stokes Croft and St Werburghs. There is edgy, thought-provoking, funny and inspiring street art to be found all across the city. In a city that bred Banksy, it's easy to see why it inspires new generations of incredible artists.

Many of these murals were painted for Upfest, Bristol's street art festival, due to be at the end of May, it is now postponed, but organisers are hoping for a rescheduled date later in the year (keep an eye on our social channels for the latest news!)

There were so many entries and we loved them all, so a huge congratulations to all the winning entries below... be sure to give them some love on Instagram and check out the artist pages too.

1. Wolf in lumberjack shirt, originally for See No Evil in 2011

Photo by: @andy_d_insta

Artist: @mr_aryz

/dbimgs/andy_d_insta - artist @mr_aryz

2. Hokusai wave in Stokes Croft

Photo by: @bogdanm85 - if you like street art, then check out Bogdan's IG account, there's loads of amazing photos there. 

Artist: @phlegm_art

bogdanm85 - artist @phlegm_art

3. One Love Coral Reef, for Upfest 2018

Photo by: @boredinbristol

Artist: @louismasai

boredinbristol - artist @louismasai

4. Little Gold Riding Hood for Upfest 2018

Photo by: @efimendelo

Artist: @jody_artist

efimendelo - artist jody artist

5. Red Woman in 3D for Upfest 2018

Photo by: @fabioxavier_photography

Artist: @insane51

fabioxavier_photography - artist @insane51

6. Bristol South Bank

Photo by: @ignacioblink

Artist: @inkiegraffiti

ignacioblink - artist @inkiegraffiti.

7. See No Evil Festival 2012

Photo by: @kruggy01


8. Be Good To Yourself For No Reason

Photo by: @leemoran

Artist: @d.t.f.e

leemoran  - artist @dfte

9. Cheeky Seagull for Upfest 2017

Photo by: @nat.few

Artists: @placee_boe and @whoamirony

nat_few - whoamirony placee_boe

10. Neon Michelin Man

Photo by: @rhianna_210

Artist: @cheba_bristol

rhianna_210 - artist @chebabristol

11. Thank you NHS and Keyworkers

Photo by: @richard.j.norman

Artist: @gage.graphics

richard_j.norman - artist @gage_graphics

12. The Girl with the Pierced Eardrum - Coronavirus edition.

Photo by: @romans101

Artist: @banksy

romans101 - artist banksy

13. Under The Sea

Photo by: @thiscitymum

Artist: @lucasantics

thiscitymum - artist @lucasantics

14. The Simpsons from Hot Air Balloon for Upfest 2018

Photo by: @timmah666

Artist: @nomad.clan.

/timmah666 - artist @nomad_clan.

15. Zeus for Upfest 2016

Photo by: @tjphillips76

Artist: @pichiavo 

tjphillips76 - artist @pichiavo.

Make sure you're following us and all these incredible photographers and street artists, and tag us or include #VisitBristol in your posts so we can see them!

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Artist Credit Zabou - Photo Credit StreetArtAtlas

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