Dan Izzard AKA @TheGuyForks tells us the top Bristol foodie accounts worth following...

Dan works for a Bristol-based marketing company, Beambox, helping venues share all the good stuff with their customers. It involves a lot of scrolling Instagram, which can tend to make one hungry…

Here are his top Bristol foodie accounts worth following...

Sandwich Sandwich 

With baps so nice they named it twice. Sandwiches so heavily filled that you really have to nail down a strategy for eating them. The Jerk chicken flatbread is so big enough that you need a nap after (don’t tell my boss).

Big sandwich being held up by hand
Credit: Sandwich Sandwich

New Cut Coffee

Delicious coffee in a great location overlooking the floating harbour and everyones ‘smaller than you think’ ship, The Matthew. “Did you want to try a brownie” has never not resulted in me buying a brownie. You have been warned. 


Get behind the scenes of my favourite Bristol burger joint. The burger connoisseurs choice. Where else are you getting a patty smashed between confit shallots and caper aioli? The team work hard and play hard (as is evident from their hilarious Instagram stories).

Big burger being held by hand
Credit: Squeezed

Urban Tandoor

Not your usual Indian. Big favours, big colours, big personalities on Tiktok. As well as the usual there are some more exotic menu choices like the monkfish, lamb shank, and guinea fowl. Tucked away under Small Street this is a restaurant worth visiting rather than getting to take away. 

The Gossip Play Cafe

I’ve popped in for a sneaky Triple Co Roast coffee before they officially open at the end of October and what a great addition to the area. Don’t tell anyone, but I fully intend to order the toddler tapas (why should they get all the good stuff).

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